Diogee Exmachina Murphy is Milo's dog. He appears in the Disney animated TV show Milo Murphy's Law.


Diogee is a small dog with a slightly rounded body and a small tail. He is primarily colored cream, with a spot on his back and his nose being brown.


  • Diogee resembles Paw Pooch from "Krypto the Superdog".
  • Diogee's name is pronounced the same as the letters "D-O-G", which spell "dog", the species Diogee belongs to.
  • Diogee is one quarter llama dog, which according to Milo means he can herd llamas like a sheep dog can herd sheep. ("It just doesn't come up very often.") Diogee can also understand Spanish, having attended at least one of Milo's Spanish classes in school. ("The Llama Incident")
  • His middle name is "Exmachina", which most likely comes from the Latin phrase "deus ex machina", which has come to mean a plot device that suddenly (even abruptly) solves a problem. ("Missing Milo")
    • Coincidentally, the first three letters of his name "Dio" (as in "D-i-o-g-e-e") are forming an Italian word, which came from the Latin "deus".
      • Though, this must be a reference to Dio Brando, the main antagonist from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, or it could be a reference to the late Metal singer Ronnie James Dio.
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