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Dionysus in the books.

"My point is you heroes never change. You accuse us gods of being vain. You should look at yourselves. You take what you want, use whoever you have to, and then you betray everyone around you. So you'll excuse me if I have no love for heroes. They are a selfish, ungrateful lot."


God of wine, madness, theater, and vegetation

Director of Camp Half-Blood

Member of Council of Cloven Elders


Dionysus from the Camp-Half Blood book series (based from the one of Greek culture) is the camp director of Camp Half-Blood. In the books he doesn't do much besides watch from the sidelines, but when he gets his hands dirty, he really comes in handy. In the second series after the Percy Jackson books he in the Mark of Athena (with help from the heroes) destroys giants. Although absent (aside from being seen with the rest of the gods very briefly) from the first Percy Jackson movie, he is making his true debute to film in the second movie.

Dionysus in the film.