"You've gotten stronger, Hiryu."
~ Kuramoto

Kuramoto is a character who appears exclusively in the manga and the NES game based on it, the latter version calling him “The Chief”. He is the founder and current director of the Strider organization.

Skills and Capabilities

Kuramoto fights with a sword concealed in his cane in the Japanese style of Iaido, moving and attacking at a high speed in spite of his old age, taking out multiple fighters at once.


Kuramoto is an old man. He is balding with long hair in the back and has a beard.

He dresses in a Ninja uniform(Which in the NES game is blue) with a robe over it. (Colored orange in the NES Game.)

Strider Hiryu Gaiden

Two years before the main story, when Mariya started to slaughter Strider trainees for no reason, Kuramoto sent her brother Hiryu to kill her when everyone else who tried to stop her failed. A decision he would later regret as it took a toll on Hiryu’s mind.

Six months later, Kuramoto sen Hiryu on a life-or-death mission to save Dr. J. Hogan from the Zangi brothers and their terrorist group, Phantom Unit. If Hiryu survives he can retire. Kuramoto prayed for Hiryu’s survival.

At some point, Kuramoto apparently visited Hiryu at his new Mongolian home as Hiryu was certain Kuramoto was the only person who knew where it was.


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