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Dirk Valentine is the titular main protagonist in the Nitrome game Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam.

Game information

Dirk is Britain's greatest spy, commando, explorer and fighter who was sent to a floating fortress to rescue Queen Victoria and defeat Baron Battenberg. He uses his trademark chain cannon to attack enemies, build bridges and free prisoners.

After he succeeds in his mission and escapes the Fortress of Steam, Dirk returns to London, only to get trapped in Martian Underworld.


Dirk wears a dark green beaked cap with a black brim and a gold brim on it. Dirk also wears a brown bomber jacket, an eyepatch and a brown backpack which could be a parachute. He has a mustache.

Other appearances

  • Steamlands Player Pack - He's mentioned to be masquerading as a saboteur in a level description.
  • Dirk is mentioned by Monty in some messages accidentally received by Takeshi in Final Ninja Zero.
  • Party skin - Dirk is aiming Hot Air with his chain cannon.
  • Steampunk skin - Seen running away from guards.


  • Dirk was originally supposed to talk in the game. This is evident from the game files, as a message that appears to be either a response to Monty or Dirk talking to himself can be found there.
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