Those valkyries serve you? My forces are far superior!
~ Disaster.
Now that my general has failed me, valkyrie, you must face me! Time for a massacre!
~ Disaster to Murakumo.

Disaster is an anti-villain/anti-hero in the mobile video game, Valkyrie Crusade. She was a leader of the Disaster's army as well as one of the six Demon Lords who governed the Demon Realm. She was at first served as an enemy to the Valkyries, though she later became their ally in he battle against Taboo.


Disaster was a charismatic, fiery and capable leader of her army as she have a full command on all her forces. However, she was also very belligerent and hot-headed as she despises failures as she was willing to punish her subjects.

Despite that, she have a sense of honor when fighting against her opponents and she also care deeply for her subjects as she wanted them to become stronger in order to unify the entire Demon Realm under their rule.


Not much was known of Disaster's past, though she was originally born in the Demon Realm before she became the Demon Lord after sometimes later.

Later, she recruited her first members; Solferino, Armee, Messagere, and Carabine into her rank. She later saved Paars and Ion from the enemies during the attack in the academy before bringing them into her fold.

Disaster later saved Sumire during the civil war when the latter lost her parents in the war and then recruited her into her army as the last member.

New Beginnings

Disaster made her first appearance in the story when she witnessed Sumire failed to defeat Murakumo, she was enraged and berated her for her failure and engaged the samurai in the fight. Despite Murakumo's advantage, Disaster manages to defeat her and was about to finish her off when Oracle stopped her from doing so. Soon after Calamity arrived and the former warned the fellow Demon Lord that she will

Powers & Abilities

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