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Dismarelda (Japanese: ドンヨリーヌ Don'yorīnu) is a Rank D Earth-attribute Yo-kai of the Eerie tribe.

She is wife of Happierre.


Dismarelda has a blobby appearance, for her body has the form of a jelly, purple in color, with her "hair" having a lighter tone, with a hairband with a small bow on the left side to match. She has diminute arms, slightly puffy lips and round eyes with the eyelashes pointing downwards.


Dismarelda is an amicable individual with a passive disposition to match. In the anime, after having an argument with her husband Happierre, she tries to find him to make amends, implying she can be easily forgiving. She is more noble than she appears, as she feels guilty for nearly driving Nathan's parents' relationship into an abrupt end.

In the anime, she seems to enjoy shopping and having vacations, both of them shared with Happierre.

She has a verbal tic of some sort, as she always ends her statements wiith "-juban" ("no filter" in the English version.)


Dismarelda appears in the first anime episode, after Nathan returns home and discovers his parents arguing, unknowingly, due to her presence. After being scanned by Nathan through the newly obtained Yo-kai Watch and confronted, she reveals she never wanted to cause the argument and she was looking for her husband to make amends for their own argument. Whisper later brings her husband -revealed to be Happierre-, who decides to patch up their relationship and his mere presence cause the atmosphere to soothe and Nathan's parents to make up. Then Dismarelda and Happierre leave.

Both Dismarelda and Happierre give Nathan their Yo-kai Medals sometime after the incident, as he summons them in later episodes.

In EP008, Nate summons her and Happierre to help Jibanyan being inspirited by Hidabat, and they do so by flattening Jibanyan and brought him outside Nate's room.

In EP017, Nate summons Dismarelda to stop Katie from being inspirited by Rockabelly.

Sometime prior to going to the Adams house, Dismerelda inspirited the parents of Jibanyan's owner from when he was still alive.

Wise meeting Inaho and her crew she tells them about how Happiere has been flirting with other girls, that leads to their origins.


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