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Dizzy in Gears of War 2.

Private Dizzy Wallin was a former Stranded turned Gear. He served in the merchant navy during the Pendulum Wars, but was left Stranded after the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack. Like many Stranded, he was torn between his distrust for the Coalition of Ordered Governments and doing what's right for his family. As the Locust War escalated, Dizzy realized he was endangering his family by living outside Jacinto City's secure walls. Signing on with Operation Lifeboat, he joined the COG military in exchange for asylum for his two daughters. He participated in several battles, and became an Assault Derrick driver during Operation: Hollow Storm. He was later reunited with his family at Port Farrall after the Sinking of Jacinto. He moved with the rest of the COG to Vectes, and fought in the Stranded Insurgency and Lambent Pandemic. After the COG collapsed and was forced to split into several different groups, Dizzy traveled with his daughters to Anvil Gate alongside Col. Victor Hoffman, Sgt. Bernadette Mataki, and several dozen other Gears and thousands of refugees. After being rescued from a Locust attack by Delta Squad, Dizzy proved instrumental in the group reaching Azura and using Adam Fenix's weapon to destroy the Locust and Lambent.

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