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Y la próxima vez vaya a molestar a su abuela (And next time I'll bother your grandmother)
~ Doña Florinda after slapping Don Ramón

Doña Florinda, whose full name is Florinda Corcuera y Villalpando Vda. de Matalascayando, is the main antagonist in the TV series El Chavo del Ocho, played by Mexican actress Florinda Meza.

She is a widowed woman, approximately 40 years old, of a superb character, cocky, haughty and very derogatory towards the other members of the neighborhood. However, there are times when she realizes that her actions go beyond the shameful, so she recognizes her mistakes and ends up offering apologies, as happened in the chapter ""El cumpleaños de Quico", when after rushing to his son to extinguish the candles so that the children could leave as quickly as possible from home, ends up appearing in front of everyone advising her son to wish that everyone to be a little more generous with others.

In addition to being very aggressive, Doña Florinda also shows her sentimental side when Professor Jirafales appears on stage, of whom she is deeply in love.




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