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Doc Holliday is one of the main characters in the 1993 western film, Tombstone. He was played by Val Kilmer.


Southern gambler and skilled gunslinger seeking relief from his sickness, Tuberculosis, and becomes enemies with Johnny Ringo. He helps Wyatt and the other heroes fight the the Cowboys, which Johnny Ringo is apart of. Holliday and the other first battle the Cowboys at the O. K. Corral and kill several of them. They pursue the rest of the Cowboys and kill them including their leader, Curly Bill Brocius, who meets his demise at the hands of Wyatt Earp.

Then when Johnny Ringo becomes the leader and sends Earp a message to meet him for a showdown to stop the hostilities. Holliday arrives at the showdown before Earp does and kills Ringo. They hunt the remaining Cowboys down and kill them except for Clanton, who tears off his red sash. Afterward, Holliday stays at a sanatorium in Colorado and dies from his illness.


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