Doc Saturday is a character from The Secret Saturdays.

He was voiced by Phil Morris.

In Ben 10: Omniverse, he is voiced by Bumper Robinson also voices Rook Blonko, Hot Spot and Alan Albright.


Doc Saturday naturally had black hair but after a fight with a guardian known as Tsul 'Kalu, Doc was shocked by the claw that originally belonged to Kalu, giving him a streak of white hair. The shock of energy made Doc blinded in the right eye.


He is a supergenius, having built many of the gadgets the family uses. A loving father, he often tries to teach his son Zak responsibility.


Solomon "Doc" Saturday is the patriarch and the "Indiana Jones"-like character who has spent his whole life studying cryptids.

A man who takes science very seriously, Doc is one of the world's leading experts in the field of cryptozoology.

Doc started his career on Honey island when he was 12, learning from Dr. Basil Lancaster. Doc is trained in fourteen different forms of martial arts. He fights with the Battle Glove, which is able to channel power into his right fist. The four crystals on the knuckles also have individual powers: freezing, heating, shocking, and sonic vibrations.


  • It was revealed in the episode "The Return of Tsul 'Kalu" that Doc got his scar and blind eye from Tsul'Kalu while protecting Zak.
  • Though his age is not definite, creator Jay Stephens has stated that he "imagined Doc as 40 or so."


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