Doctor Light is a hero in the DC Universe and member of the Justice League.


Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi was an astronomer and became a hero during the Crisis when the all-powerful Monitor zapped Dr. Hoshi with otherworldly energy. Her new power allowed her to control and absorb a variation of different light energy. After the Crisis Hoshi dawned a costume and joined the Justice League calling herself Doctor Light and even became the team leader of the European branch. Doctor Light was arrogant and left many of her teammates with a cold feeling about her.

She possessed most of the same powers as the original villainous Doctor Light, but she used her powers to establish herself as a hero in her own headstrong way. Doctor Light was also a single mother with two young children and was only semi-active in the superhero business, yet she served with both the Outsiders and the Doom Patrol. Although she is no longer a member of either team, Doctor Light remains active as a part-time adventurer.

Television History

Justice League

Doctor Light DCAU

Doctor Light appeared in a few episodes of Justice League. One of her significant roles was when she and the Justice League battled the third incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang. Doctor Light battled the Queen of Spades and managed to dodge the Queen's scepter blows by zapping her scepter. Doctor Light then charged the scepter with light energy and caused it to explode knocking the Queen out defeating her. Doctor Light later appeared with Steel and Ice to stop Lex Luthor's group of villains from pulling off a robbery and Doctor Light used her powers to find them.

Dc Super Hero Girls

Doctor Light SHG

Doctor Light appears in the web series DC Super Hero Girls. She is seen as a background student at Super Hero High.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Kimiyo Hoshi GM

Doctor Light appeared as Kimiyo Hoshi in the animated film Justice League: Gods and Monsters. She does not have her light powers but is a scientist involved in the Fair Play Program that was meant to stop the Justice League in case they were a global threat. After some scientists were mysteriously murdered, Dr Hoshi met with the other members but was ambushed and killed by the Metal Men.

The Flash

Doctor Light TF

Doctor Light appeared in the second season of The Flash.