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Doctor Timothy or Professor Timothy is the superhero alter ego of Timmy Burch, portrayed by Trey Parker

South Park The Fractured But Whole

In the game compared to the first game Stick of Truth Timmy has a much major role as supporting protagonist has Doctor Timothy, same if the group split up during the twenty-one season and doesn't play superhero anymore, well in the game Cartman now calling Coon switched the game and the others agree to help him find a missing female cat named Scrambles. Of course Timmy then take the role of Doctor Timothy who of course is chief of Freedom pals after the group split, he has telepathic powers and call the coon and friends douchebags in Eric mind, just before disappear behind the others.

Of course he notice that his cellphone was stolen by Cartman who he said telepathically for defend his troop "Atleast he is not a little fat phone stealer" much to Eric annoyance before they can fight their nemesis, of course Coon and friends defeat them, when Professor Chaos came with the new kid to his lab he tried to read chaos mind, but the aluminium helmet won't let him read it, believing that the new kid switch side he return to his work, only to find out it was actually a trick and go tell his team.

Wich engage a new fight , but he controlled the mind of the teammates of the new kid team and when he is finally defeated, the others tell Coon and friends that Doctor Timothy was actually trying to help the two teams, when they go to The Freedom Pals base the other show the scheme Timmy has build to brought their team back togheter, then everyone agree to join Freedom Pals unfortunately the next day the scheme is destroy much to everyone shock.

Then they received a call from Mitch Conner who the left puppet hand of Cartman, but everyone think Catman was behind it all a long, wich was revealed to be all true has after going to Mephesto genetic lab and the new kid teleported them to the next weeks where Mitch is the mayor, but he then encouraged the new kid to pray god to help him, later he reappear for the last time looking for Cartman and the new kid with the others after the new kid and Cartman come back from the past, but he didn't reappear at the end when the gang finally stop Cartman and Mitch from becoming mayor , but something is sure it was might revealed that him and the others return home after their mission was accomplished.


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