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Doki is the titular protagonist of the Canadian animated series of the same name. He is a dalmatian/beagle mix and the leader of Team Doki. Doki is based on the mascot from Discovery Kids in Latin America.

Physical Appearance

As stated above, Doki is part dalmatian and part beagle. He wears a green cap and is the leader of the team.


Doki usually has great characteristics. He has a good relationship to Mundi, an insect (possibly ladybug) who is part of the team's group alongside other characters such as Oto, Fico, Anabella, and Gabi. He and the others find out what the mystery is based on by traveling all across the world from Paris to Tokyo, from Egypt to Puerto Rico, and many other destinations of Team Doki.


much of doki's past is unknow or how he get his love for adventures and exploration.but when he born your mother gets sick and die but fortunately the doki manage to survive the childbirth.48 mouths after when he complete fours years old your father had to travel on an expedition since then he never came back but before leaving,the father gave doki his green hat as if were a gift.

Vector de doki discovery kids la by umbravivens-d6ufdne
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