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Dollar-nator is a sophisticated computerized intelligence system built by Fanboy in the future, and sent back in time by Fanboy to bail Fanboy and Chum Chum out of a jam in 'Dollar Day'.

Dollar-nator Background information Voice Jeff Glenn Bennett Source

Contents[show] Character He has made numerous appearances on the show and he is someone the boys can rely on in a jam. Dollar-nator has many surprise skills and talents. He is possibly a spoof of The Terminator (which has nothing to do with it), as he has a gap between his teeth, a thick Austrian accent and was materialized from the future, which he imitates the voice patterns of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Appearance Dollar-nator is made up of parts from a Chimp Chomp machine, a ping-pong video game, a restaurant grade hot dog steamer, a microwave oven and other components as yet defined.

History Dollar-nator was first seen in Dollar Day to give Fanboy a dollar. He is also seen in Jingle Fever, Back from the Future and made numerous cameo appearances.

Powers and abilities Dollar-nator has multiple powers such as:

-Making candy (as planned by Fanboy)

-Time travel (as seen in Back from the Future)

Making hot dogs (Dollar Day)

A recording system (Jingle Fever)

Project movies from the future (Power Out)

A GPS system to locate the location from other vehicles (such as the School bus and the Frosty Bus)

Calculating the amount of electricity something pulls of (Fanboy loaded with static electricity for example)

Alternate timeline (Back From The Future) Due to Dollar-Nator's ability to travel back in time Lenny used him to make sure Fanboy and Chum Chum never had a frosty Freezy freeze.Because the FFF machine was destroyed by Lenny an alternate future where the Dollar-nator never existed leaving Lenny stranded in his ideal future.

Appearances in the series Season 1 Dollar Day (his debut) Refill Madness Jingle Fever A Bop work Orange The Great Bicycle Mystery Fanboy Ahoy! Battle of the Stands Season 2 Present Not Accounted For Back From The Future Power Out Slime Day Field Trip of Horrors Hypnotized Brain Freeze

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