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Dolly is the tritagonist in 007’s film Moonraker, love interest of steel-toothed assassin Jaws.

She is played by Blanche Ravalec.


In Rio de Janero, in an attempt to have Bond killed with a cable car, Jaws and his partner accidentally crash their car into the terminal building. Dolly who is nearby saves him from the rubble, and the two fall in love suddenly.

The duo then accompanies wealthy megalomaniac Hugo Drax with his "master race" astronauts to an orbiting space station. After Bond is captured with Dolly and Jaws in attendance, Drax's true plan is revealed: to annihilate and replace the human race with a new ruling race spawned from his carefully selected ubermenschen.

Bond manages to trick Drax into telling them he would kill anyone who doesn't meet his standards of physical perfection, with Dolly and Jaws worried, but the latter understands Bond's game and with the help of Bond's sabotage, the astronauts are on board to stop. Drax's plan to destabilize his structural integrity during the firefight with the resulting lasgun.

As Bond escapes with Dolly and Jaws from the station which is about to be destroyed, Dolly and Jaws gather in the control room and share the last bottle of Bollinger Champagne together.

They then help Bond and Holly Goodhead escape from Moonraker 5 with a locked latch mechanism, the section they are on detaches from the explosive station and adrift.

Colonel Scott, the commanding officer of the space marines gives the report that he has found two survivors: "a tall man and a short blonde woman".


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