Bow Wacka Wow!
~ Dolly's catchphrase

Dolly is the main female character and the deuteragonist from 101 Dalmatian Street of the 101 Dalmatians franchises. She is the eldest daughter of Doug, the stepdaughter of Delilah, the older sister/half-sister of Doug's other puppies and the stepsister of Dylan and his siblings.

She is voiced by Michaela Dietz, who played Riff in Barney and voices Amethyst in Steven Universe.


In the series, Dolly, along with her stepbrother Dylan, is tasked by her father Doug and stepmother Delilah to look after their 97 younger siblings whilst they are out working.

Dolly has had two love interests in the series so far. The first was a husky named Hansel. She gets his attention by claiming to have wrote a poem. However when it is revealed that Dylan actually wrote the poem, Hansel becomes interested in Dylan instead. Dolly's second love interest was a doberman named Spike, whom she met in the episode "A Summer to Remember" whilst on a family holiday to Cornwall. The pair share a brief romance before Dolly has to return to London but not before getting a goodbye lick from Spike.


Dolly is the most irresponsible of the Dalmatian siblings and is all about being wild and having fun. She doesn't take things too seriously. However she still intends on protecting and helping her family including Dylan.


Dolly has long ears with three black dots under each eye. She also wears three collars instead of just one around neck.



  • When she saw the picture of Pongo and Perdita, Dolly called them her great great grandpanters. However, Dylan was the bioligical descendant of the two and Dolly is the step-descendant event though they're all dalmatians.


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