Dolmuchi is main hero of South Korean film Kundo : Age of the Rampant is 18 year old low class butcher who lived with his widowed mother and sister Goj-ki. he was intelligent but kindhearted man who working as buchter to supported his family during Joseon dynasty the people suffered from poverty, hunger and death. Dolmuchi's normal life turned upside down when Joo Yoon hired him as assian to kill widowed sister in law who pregnant after his brother was killed by bandits. seeing a pregnant lady Doluchi refused kill her caused Joo Yoon buried Doluchi's mother and sister in front of him. after nearly killed by officals Dol was recusced by Kundo who resepnt to poor people who robbing officals's money and he joined as Doichi by shaved his hair to the gang in order revenge for his family's death.


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