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I have watched your battles from the crucible of souls. Fate shows the way once more...
~ Dolores

Dolores is a supporting character from The King of Fighters series. She is a new character introduced in The King of Fighters XV as a revered hermit psychic, as well as a member of the new Rivals Team with Isla and Heidern.


Dolores is a mysterious newcomer introduced The King of Fighters XV. As a renowned mystic from Mali in West Africa, she fights by calling upon the spirits of the earth, having command over holy soil. She is one of the many souls who were released upon Verse's defeat, but her connection to the entity remains a mystery and she may hold the answers to the destinies of many characters, particularly Shun'ei and Isla who both display Verse-eque powers.


Dolores is a meek, calm, and respectable woman; she can be seen as the moral compass for the current formation of Team Rivals. For example, she tries to maintain balance between the rambunctious Isla and the stern, professional Heidern. Likewise, Dolores' reason to recruit Isla to her and Heidern's team is to convince both her and Shun'ei to unite against the threat that Re Verse poses. She showed her motherly side to Kukri prior to her death and later revival, even if the latter proved to be quite unruly growing up.


Dolores' psychic medium capabilities enable her to contact the spirits of the earth, and she uses holy soil to combat her foes. With the power of the Holy Soil, Dolores can control mud and rocks, being able to change its state and reshape it at will. During some of her moves, the earth spirit can be seen emerging from with the mud puddles.


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