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Dolph Houston is a major character from the Rooster Teeth animated web series, Camp Camp. He is a joyful little German boy, with a passion for painting. He looks and sounds uncomfortably similar to WWII German dictator, Adolf Hitler. However, he is actually a very nice little boy who would never hurt a fly.

Heroic Acts

  • In "Reigny Day", Dolph became the leader of Camp Campbell and singlehandedly sought out Neil and found him, earning himself the award for best camp counselor.
  • In "The Candy Kingpin", Dolph gave all his candy to the other campers, knowing that they all wanted it. With the assistance of Max and Nurf, Dolph started a business off of selling candy to hungry campers and wanted to be friends with Max. Max pretended to be friends with Dolph, but little did Dolph know, Max was only pretending to be his friend. Max said that if they ever got caught, then Dolph was to be his designated "fall guy". At the end of the episode, Dolph realized that Max was using him and rejected his offer for a true friendship after the latter got himself in trouble.
  • In "New Adventure", Dolph, Nikki, and Nerris went on a series of adventures together, none of which they actually finished. One of the things they tried to do was catch Penelope Priss and Moe Lestor in the act of kidnapping and possibly murdering an unknown victim. At the end of the episode, the trio inadvertently caught Dirty Kevin in their Sasquatch trap.
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