Dominick "Dom" Cobb is the main protagonist of the 2010 science fiction film Inception. He was potrayed by Leonardo Dicaprio, who also played Jack Dawson in Titanic and Billy Costigan in The Departed.


During their celebration Dom find his wife Mal who was sitting behind the window & Mal tells Cobb to take him to a train far away but Mal falls off the building.


Cobb was in Japan looking for secrets in Saito's safe but caught by Saito & Mal who was breaking and entering Saito's safe when Cobb escapes after the kick. In Tokyo's hotel Cobb spins his top about his dream & Saito tells him to go on a mission to hire members so he goes to France to meet Ariadne for training. Cobb was still training with Ariadne but caught by Mal & Eames wakes her up. Cobb & his men were going to find out the truthwhen they're going back to USA to safety.

Yusuf's Dream

In New York Cobb was driving his red Hyundai Genesis sedan in order to pick up an another taxi & Ariadne but the train ambushes Cobb & his men for Limbo. Cobb was mad at Arthur for not protecting Saito because of the ambush in the city that one of Mal's minions killed him for a reason. Cobb was asleep in the van when Yusuf was driving it.

Arthur's Dream

In the hotel Cobb protects Fietcher without getting killed by Mal's minions so Cobb hands him the pistol for protection & Cobb sleeps.

Eames Dream

In the mountain outpost Cobb & his team are going to Fietcher's hideout to see where his Grandfather is with a pinwheel in the safe after Cobb kills is fake Mal after Fietcher was killed. Cobb & Ariadne were going to Limbo.

Cobb's Dream (Limbo)

In Limbo Cobb confronts Mal for not being bad but Mal stabs him & Ariadne shoots Mal & the kick has been activated when Yusuf plunges he van in Yusuf's dream & saves Saito.

In the end of the movie Cobb returns home in America to return his children & the top spins & the credits roll.


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