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Dominic"Dom" James is the second protagonist of space jam behind his father . He dreams of being a video game and he was once a member of the Goon squad but later came a tune squad.


It starts when Dom was just playing his video game based on basketball, and dreams to becoming a developer but his father LeBron James wants him to follow his footsteps then one day he and his father went to the Warner Bros studio when they watch Al-g rhythm plans for the Warner 3000, his father rejected this idea but dom on the other hand appreciates it due to having experience with technology. Then later during an argument they later found themselves in the basement where they got transported to the server verses. Later they met Al-g rhythm , while dom was distracted by the server verses he notice his father disappeared the same way as Bron didn't see him. later al-g lie to him by saying that Bron challenged him for a basketball game but before that he and al-g had some quality times about video games especially al-g volunteers to help dom rebuild his game after hearing about a "stupid glitch" had malfunction. After he fixed it he decided to create the Goon squad after revealing that during charities he uses iPhone to scan the NBA players but not after realizing that he is also going to be playing against his father but Al-g encouraged him by saying that he needs to prove him wrong by giving him an upgrade. but later told him no fundamentals (meaning he cannot do the true Orthodox of basketball talent). Later algae summon Dom's family and all the viewers around the world who have been hacked in the server verses . At first he thought they're all here to see him as his fans not knowing that if his team wins that means they will be trapped in the server verse forever while his childhood Looney Tunes will be deleted. Soon he and the Goon squad dominate half of the time while seeing his team playing against Bugs Bunny,Lola Bunny,Tweety ,Sylvester .,Gossamer,Foghorn and Road Runner. After he and his team celebrated there first victory, the Tune squad came back and he was excited to go against them again because he thought it was fun to see who will win and who will lose. But later after he lose the second half al-g scold him by saying that his father was right about him. But during the third half his father soon apologized to him (after earlier learning it from Bugs and Lola when they confess they tried to be like him) and decide to let him do the same. After that Dom forgives him and joins the Tune squad after granny gave him uniform in case if he switched his teams. And this time he plays along with his father . But later realize al-g controls the game which took away Lola's points. After Daffy duck insulted AL-G to be known as "a son of a glitch", Gave Dom the idea how to defeat AL-G when he recall earlier from his previous failure from his concept video game which came into some good use, but they're only error is despite the one who will do the "glitch move" will be deleted. His father decided to do the glitch move by claiming that he's not a real video game or fiction character meaning to him real life people can still survive. But Dom wasn't sure about that. Bugs decided to take his place. After that bug sacrifice himself to glitch Al-g and the goons Dom father nearly lose but he managed to jump one of the bounce strikers giving him the chance to win this game. After that he and his father sadly saw bugs glitching before being deleted. Later they return back to the real world. 3 weeks later his father finally let him do video game camp instead. But not after realizing that Bugs Bunny is now alive and he decided to tag along with them before they can return back to tune world.


  • Dom became a fan favorite when he proved to be a second main protagonist when it wasn't for him, he would have helped his father LeBron James win this game.
  • Fans believed Dom's favorite looney tune characters are bugs bunny and lola bunny.
    • for bugs he said his infamous phrase to fit his name after getting recruited by saying "whats up dom?"
    • for lola she greeted him kindly while supporting his ideas of wining this game.
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