I'm Dominic. I'm a dragon of course.
~ Dominic introducing himself to the protagonist and the teammates.

Dominic is a supporting character in Miitopia. At first he was possessed by the Dark Lord's power, until he was saved by the protagonist and his/her teammates. After the Dark Lord was defeated he would help the player and their teammates get to other places they haven't been to yet in order to defeat a bigger threat which happens to be the Darker Lord.


At an unknown time, Dominic fell under the control of the Dark Lord and was made to guard his castle. When the protagonist and their teammates storm the Dark Lord's castle to defeat him, they eventally come across Dominic, who attacks them on the spot. After his defeat, he is released from the Dark Lord's control and introduces himself to the protagonist and their teammates. After the Dark Lord was defeated and became the Darker Lord by possessing the Great Sage, Dominic helps the heroes defeat him by flying them to new places so they can find the stones needed to access the Sky Scraper, through which the Darker Lord's residence the Otherworld, can be accessed.


He is a white dragon with sky blue wings, cyan horns and pupil eyes.


  • According to Nintendo of Europe's game launch trailer he was originally going to be encountered a lot earlier.
  • He is also the only character in the game that's able to speak who isn't or used to be a Mii.
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