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I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Nothing else matters. Not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all their bullshit. For those ten seconds or less, I'm free.
~ Dominic Toretto's most famous quote.
There's nothing stronger than family.
~ one of Dominic Toretto's famous quotes.
~ Another one of Dominic Toretto's most famous quote when Johnny Tran accuses him of giving him away.
You just made a big mistake.
~ Third of Dominic Toretto's most famous quote after Luke Hobbs breaks into his safehouse.
You will always be with me. And you will always be my brother.
~ Dominic's farewell to Brian which is also Vin Diesel's goodbye to Paul Walker.

Dominic "Dom" Toretto is the main protagonist of The Fast and the Furious franchise.

He is the deuteragonist of The Fast and The Furious, a mentioned character in 2 Fast 2 Furious, a minor character in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and the main protagonist of Fast and Furious, Fast Five, Fast and Furious 6, Furious 7, The Fate of the Furious, F9, and two untitled upcoming films. He is the oldest child and son of Jack Toretto, and the brother of Jakob and Mia.

He is portrayed by Vin Diesel, who voiced the Iron Giant in the 1999 movie of the same name, Groot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and also played Xander Cage in xXx and xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Richard B. Riddick in the Riddick franchise, Shane Wolfe in The Pacifier, Kaulder in The Last Witch Hunter, and Ray Garrison/Bloodshot in Bloodshot.


In The Movies

Early life and Biography

Dominic Toretto was born August 29, 1976. His father, Jack, was a professional stock car driver who earned a reputation on the track and his family owned and ran a market and cafe shop. As a child, Dominic befriended the likes of Vince during the third grade. At some point he also befriended Letty, a neighborhood local, around the time she was ten years old, based on their shared interest in cars. However, he never took a romantic interest in her until she was sixteen years old.

His Father

Dominic's father was a proactive figure in his life. He helped Mia with her homework, reading ahead of chapters to help her the following day. The Toretto's also attended church and held family barbecues for their neighbors. Dominic helped his father build what would become the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, "900 horses of Detroit Muscle". His father used the Charger to participate in the Los Angeles County Raceway in nine seconds.

During the last stock car race of the season of 1989, Dominic watched as his father was run off the track by another racer, Kenny Linder, when Linder's car clipped his bumper. Dominic's father was killed instantly when his stock car crashed into the wall at 120 miles per hour and burst into flames. Dominic remembered hearing his father screaming as he burned to death, but the people who witnessed the accident explained that his father had died before his car exploded. Dominic had been the one screaming.

A week following the accident, Dominic encountered Linder and when given the opportunity, Dominic attacked Linder, beating him with a wrench. Dominic only intended to hit him once but lost control and kept attacking Linder it until he couldn't lift his arm anymore. The result of Linder injuries rendered him unable to race, Dominic was banned for life from the tracks.

Criminal Activity

Dominic was presumably sent to Lompoc Prison for assaulting Linder. As he served his sentence, he remembered that his brother, Jakob, had worked on Jack's car during a pit stop before his death, and concluded that Jakob sabotaged the car to get Jack killed out of jealousy at Dom. In addition to keeping up his family's business, Dominic also engaged in major crimes with his friends, such as stealing major appliances from transporting trucks using their cars. Dominic also participated in illegal street races for money and to sustain his passion for racing. The first street race he took part in after his release from prison was against Jakob, offering to "come home" if he lost, otherwise Jakob would have to leave town. Dom proceeded to win the race, and Jakob drove away.

The Fast and The Furious

Since Dominic’s release from prison, he continued running his family’s market with Mia. In addition he established a local automotive shop, which doubled as a front for his illegal street racing ventures at night. Dominic and his friends remained tied to the criminal life.

In order to make more money on the side to support their livelihoods, they committed a series of highway robberies. Using black Honda Civics, Dominic, Jesse, Vince, Leon and Letty attacked four trucks and stole $1.2 million worth of major electronics. The only identifiers the truck drivers could give the Los Angeles Police Department were the neon-green lights on the underbelly of the Coupes.

Brian O'Conner, a undercover LAPD officer under the alias "Brian Earl Spilner", is he assigned to find out who is stealing the merchandise. Three weeks into his undercover assignment, he visits Toretto’s Market & Café to speak with Mia and order a tuna sandwich. Dominic, inside the market at the time, remains at the back of the store and listens in on their conversation. Following the arrival of his friends, Vince and Brian get into a fight about the number of times he’s visited the market.

Mia and Letty demanded that Dominic break up the fight. Reluctantly, Dominic leaves the market and intervenes in Vince’s fight with Brian. He questions the false name on Brian’s license and tells him to never visit their market again. When Brian protests, Dominic doubly fires him Harry’s store, The Racer's Edge.

Later that night, Dominic and the others congregate at a local street race. Prior to the preparation of the race, Letty catches him flirting with two girls, Camille and Monica. When she doesn’t buy that he was merely speaking with them, he turns his attention to his friend Hector, who announces he accumulated over $2,000 worth of buy ins for the quarter mile race. With no money, Brian offers the pink slip to his 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

If he loses, the winner of the race gets his car. Dominic and the other racers oblige his terms. During the quarter mile, Dominic, driving a 1993 Mazda RX-7 is able to beat everyone, winning the money and Brian’s car. Brian, who comes in dead last, proudly claimed that he almost had Dominic. Unimpressed, Dominic relays that Brian never had him and was guaranteed to lose his car.

Leon warns Dominic and the other racers of the police’s arrival. Dominic runs with the rest of them. Driving into a parking garage, Dominic hides his Mazda and continues his escape on foot. When he is caught by the police, he runs down an alley. Brian appears in time and gives him a ride. Brian evades the police with little incident. Dominic assures Brian that he’s gained his trust, but wasn’t keeping his car.

When he asks if Brian ever committed any felonies, Brian downplays his offenses. Using the information he was given by Jesse (who ascertained Brian’s falsified records online), Dominic brings up his history of grand theft auto. Brian shifts the conversation to Dominic and asks if he ever did time in prison. Dominic mentions his two year stint Lompoc, a place he would die to avoid.

Dominic and Brian are surrounded by Johnny Tran and his crew. Dominic, realizing too late that they’ve strayed into Tran’s territory, tries to explain that it was an unavoidable mistake made by his “new mechanic”, Brian. Tran questions the ownership of the Mitsubishi. Dominic deflects Brian’s immediate association to the Mitsubishi and tells him that he doesn’t own it on account not taking delivery. Tran declares the car belongs to no one and appears to leave. However, he doubles back and destroys the Mitsubishi. During the beginning of their hike back to the city, Dominic explains that bad blood between himself and Tran was the result of a business deal gone sour and sleeping with his sister.

They catch taxi back to the Toretto House. When Brian returns, Dominic decides to invite him. He uses Brian’s presence against his crew to remind them that none of them thought to look for him when they escaped the street race and returned to his house. Dominic creates more discord between Vince and Brian by offering Brian the Corona he takes from Vince. Dominic is forced to leave the first floor of the house to entertain Letty, who wanted a message. Before heading upstairs, Dominic reminds Brian that he owes him a ten second car.

The following day, Brian arrives to Dominic’s garage with a rusted 1994 Toyota Supra MK IV. While Dominic is unimpressed with the state of the car, but Jesse is confident it can be restored. During the repairs of the Supra, Brian slowly gains Dominic’s trust. His cover is nearly blown by Vince, who correctly assumes that Brian is a cop when he and Dominic catch him leaving Hector’s garage. An uncertain Dominic chooses to believe that Brian was trying to figure out what Hector and Johnny Tran were going to use on their cars for the Race Wars event. Brian takes them to Tran’s garage, where they find several electronics similar to the ones stolen from the four truck robberies and cars without engines.

When Dominic learns that Brian has begun seeing his sister, Mia, Dominic warns Brian he'll break his neck if he hurts her. Brian’s confidence that he wouldn’t hurt Mia lead to Dominic showing him his father’s 1970 Dodge Charger. Dominic explains the history of the car he built with his father and the regrettable actions that led to his attacking a stock car racer, Kenny Linder, who he believed was responsible for the stock car accident that killed his father.

With only 36 hours to pin the truck thefts on Dominic, Brian becomes aggressive with his attempts to earn Dominic’s trust. Following a brief race with a Ferrari owner, Dominic and Brian have lunch at a grill. Brian comes forward with his assumptions, that Dominic was earning more money than the market and garage could get him and asked for an in on Dominic’s side business. Instead of giving him an in, Dominic gives Brian the directions to the Race Wars.

At the event, Dominic and his crew set up and prepare for the races. Jesse loses his Volkswagen Jetta to Johnny Tran in a race, he flees the scene with Johnny’s car. Angry, Tran accuses Dominic of selling him out to the police. Dominic attacks Tran, declaring that he would never sell anyone out to the police and is lead away by Vince who tells him to chill out. When he is pulled away from Tran, Dominic and Vince appear to leave the event. Later that night, Dominic gets into a fight with Mia, who tries to stop him from committing the fifth truck theft with Letty, Vince and Leon.

He refuses to listen to her and leaves with the others. They meet at a lookout outside of Thermal where the Honda Civics was hidden. Letty, Vince and Leon express uncertainty about trying to attack another truck without Jesse. Dominic assures the crew that they would be taking a “long vacation” after the fourth truck score and tells Letty that he had a dream about their being in Mexico together.

On the road, Dominic and Vince position themselves in front of the truck. When Vince is able board the front of the truck, the driver fires on him with a shotgun. The crew’ plans fall apart when Vince is tangled into the harpoon wire and stuck on the side of the truck. Letty is driven off the road and Dominic’s Civic is damaged by shotgun fire.

Dominic is unable to reach Vince and is forced to stop. He is later picked up by Leon, who helped Letty after her car was run off the road. He helps Mia and Brian try to stabilize Vince, who was critically wounded. Brian exposes his identity was a cop in order to get Vince immediate help from a hospital. When Vince was airlifted out of the desert, Dominic and Mia join Leon and Letty and leave Brian behind.

Back at the house, Dominic prepares to search for Jesse when Brian arrives at the house in his Supra. He tries to get Dominic to surrender himself to the authorities. Dominic angrily refuses, explaining that he had to find Jesse before Tran did. When Brian offers to call in the plates on the Volkswagen when Jesse returns to Dominic’s house and apologies for his actions. Moments after he arrives, Tran and his cousin, Lance arrives on their motorcycles and fire on the house. Jesse is killed in their drive by. Dominic follows after Brian, who pursued Tran and Lance immediately after their shooting. Dominic manages to catch up with them in time to force Lance off the road. When catches up with Brian, he has shot and killed Tran. He leaves immediately afterward and stops at an intersection.

Without saying it, Dominic tells Brian that he intends on escaping when he makes a run for the train tracks. Brian pursues Dom in quarter mile race. As a train approaches, Dominic's car begins to malfunction. He and Brian are able to pass the tracks, narrowly missing the train as it barreled toward them. Dominic fails to pay attention to the road afterward and is side swiped by an unexpected truck and his car flips over. Dominic survives the roll the Dodge makes, but the car is too damaged to use. With the police on the approach, Brian gives Dominic the keys to his Supra, stating that he still owed him a ten-second car. Dominic takes the keys and escapes.

Baja, Mexico

Following Dominic's escape from Los Angeles, he relocates to Baja, Mexico and abandons Brian's Supra. During Dominic's time in Mexico, he met Han Seoul-Oh. The two establish a relationship and begin traveling. When the two visit the Dominican Republic, they meet a man named Armando and form a friendship. Han would later become a member of Dominic's new crew.

2 Fast 2 Furious

Dominic is mentioned several times by Agent Bilkins and US Customs Agent, Markham. Roman Pearce, Brian's childhood friend, often questioned the history he had with Dominic, considering it led to his then present life as a ex-LAPD officer on the run. Brian confesses to Roman that he let Dominic go because he felt responsible for not being to help him when Roman was arrested and imprisoned for three years for harboring stolen cars.

Los Bandoleros

Dominic has since left Mexico and relocated to the Dominican Republic. He has befriended the likes of fellow locals,Tego Leo and Rico Santos, Cara Mirtha, and Malo. He appeared to live at Santos' residence with this family. At some point Leo was arrested. Upon Han's arrival in the Dominic Republic, Dominic and Santos are preparing to break Leo out of prison. They enjoy a brief dinner with Santos' family before heading out.

When Leo is freed, they head to a local club to meet with wealthy local, Elvis. Elvis informs them of a window of opportunity to hijack a gas shipment on a tanker. Dominic makes a deal with the man to be ready to steal the gas and give it to the people, so long as he honors his word. While relaxing at the club afterwards, Dominic is reunited with Letty Ortiz, who tracked him from Mexico. The two drive together to the beach, where they rekindle their relationship.

Marriage Vows

During their time in the Dominican Republic, Dominic and Letty decide to get married. The two head to a church on their own and use the cross They often wore as their wedding wing. Letty and Dominic swear each other their lives, sealing their marriage vows with a kiss.

The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift

Dominic travels to Tokyo to bring the remains of Han back to the United States after he's killed by Deckard Shaw, Owen Shaw's older brother. Beforehand, he asks Twinkie to speak with Sean Boswell, the Drift King of Tokyo following the defeat of Takashi. Prior to the race, Dominic reveals to Sean that he won his a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner from Han in a race. He then proceeds to race Sean who drives his Nissan Silvia S15.

Fast & Furious

Dominic and his new crew planned a score where they would steal fuel from a tanker in the Dominican Republic. Despite minor complications, they are able to make off with the gas. At a party, celebrating their theft, the crew decides to go their separate ways with their share of the money made off the score. Han informs Dominic that the police shut down their garage in Baracoa. Dominic, knowing that it would only be a matter of time that he would be caught, Dominic and Han bid each other farewell.

When Dominic tries to break away from Letty, she reminds him of their vow to "ride or die" together. However, despite their conversation, Dominic decides to go off on his own, leaving his share of the money and the cross to Letty.

In Panama, Dominic gets a call from his sister, Mia, who tells him that Letty has been murdered in a fatal car accident. Dominic returns to Los Angeles and reunites with Mia, who takes him the scene of Letty’s murder.

Dominic finds traces of nitromethane at the scene. He visits the only car mechanic that uses nitromethane and “coerces” him into giving him the name David Park, the man who ordered the fuel. Meanwhile, the now FBI agent Brian O'Conner is trying to track down a drug dealer named Arturo Braga, and the search leads him to Park as well. Dominic arrives at Park's apartment first and hangs him out of the window by his ankles before letting go. Brian, who was also on his way to Park's place, saves Park.

Dominic and Brian later meet at street race in Los Angeles and compete to become Arturo Braga’s new drivers. The winner will become the last driver on a team that traffics heroin between the United States-Mexico borders. Dominic wins the race after causes Brian to lose control of his 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34. However, Brian is able to become one of Braga’s drivers after he arrests another driver and takes his place on the team.

The following day, at a party, Dom and Brian talk to Campos, one of Braga's men, while teasing each other on how their past ventures and profiles could get in the way of their job. Afterwards, Dominic examines the garage under the club, and is approached by Gisele Yashar, a woman working for Braga, who develops feelings for Dominic, who does not reciprocate.

Dominic and Brian later meet Fenix Calderon, another one of Braga's men. Dominic learns that Fenix is responsible for Letty's murder. They drive across the border using underground tunnels to avoid detection. Brian had prior knowledge that after the heroin was delivered, Braga ordered the drivers to be killed. After a tense stand-off, Dominic detonates his car with nitrous to distract Braga's men and Brian hijacks a Hummer with US$60 million worth of heroin, taking a gunshot-wounded Dominic with him.

Both Dominic and Brian drive back to Los Angeles and hide the heroin in a police impound lot where Dom "gives" a modified 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX STi GH to Brian to pay for his car. They reunite with Mia at Brian's house, where they have dinner and Brian tells his superiors that in exchange for Dominic’s pardon, he would lure Braga into a trap. The trap would force him to show up to exchange money for the heroin. At the drop site, however, the man who claims to be Braga is a decoy and Campos, the real Braga, escapes and flees to Mexico, almost running over Gisele. Dominic saves Gisele from being hit by Braga.

Afterward, Gisele decides to help Dominic and Brian catch Braga. Brian and Dominic travel to Mexico on their own to catch Braga. Gisele thanks Dominic by giving the location of Braga's hideout. They find him at a church and apprehend him. As Braga's men, led by Fenix, pursue Dominic and Brian across Mexico. Dominic and Brian drive through the underground tunnels back to the United States. When some of Braga's men are killed, Brian crashes his car and is injured after being T-boned by Fenix at the end of the tunnel.

Dominic survived the explosion inside the tunnel, exchanged his 1970 Dodge Charger with a 1973 Chevrolet Camaro F-Bomb. Emerging from the tunnel, he approaches Fenix and Brian at high speed. Brian grabbed Fenix by the ankles and prevents him from escaping. Dominic spears Fenix with the Camaro and kills him, pinning him against the wreck of another car. The police begin to arrive on the scene.

Brian tries to get Dominic to escape before they can catch him. Dominic refuses to leave Brian’s side, saying he's tired of running. Following Dominic’s arrest he is brought to court. Despite Brian's request for clemency, the judge sentences Dominic to twenty five years to life in Lompoc with no possibility of parole.

Dominic is herded onto the prison transport to Lompoc. During his transit, he is pursued by Mia, Leo, Santos and Brian, who intend on breaking him out. Dominic catches sight of their cars as they prepare to crash the bus.

Fast Five

Brian, Mia, Leo and Rico crash the prison bus that was taking Dominic back to Lompoc. Following their escape, the three become wanted felons. Dominic separates himself from Brian and Mia and travels to Ecuador. During his time in the country, he reestablishes contact with Vince, who is living in Rio de Janeiro. Dominic presumably agrees to Vince’s plan to steal several cars from a train traveling outside of the city. His arrival to Rio is delayed.

When he arrives at the train with Vince, they are accompanied by a man named Zizi and one other accomplice. Dominic grows suspicious of Zizi’s intentions when the man announces he is taking the Ford GT40. He tells Mia to take the GT40, despite the disagreement voiced by Zizi and his man. Dominic supersedes Zizi’s orders to meet at the “same place” where Vince went and told Mia to wait for his call.

When Mia veers off Zizi’s planned course, he tries to shoot her. Brian and Dominic fight Zizi and his men off long enough to escape 1963 Chevrolet Sting Ray Grand Sport. They drive the vehicle over the cliff and free fall into the water below the train’s bridge. When they surface, they are taken hostage by Zizi and his men.

Inside of a warehouse, Dominic and Brian meet Hernan Reyes, the man who arranged for the theft of the cars; he asks them to give up the location of the GT40 in exchange for their freedom. When they fail to cooperate, Reyes promises to hurt Mia when his men find her and the GT40. When Reyes and Zizi escape, Dominic and Brian overpower their captors and escape.

When regroup with Mia at their “safe house” and learn that they’ve been framed for the murder of the DEA Agents that were aboard the train. When Vince arrives at their safe house, Brian immediately accuses him of setting them up. Dominic breaks up the fight, choosing to believe Vince is telling them the truth.

Later that night Dominic observes Vince and watches him take the computer chip that was hidden within the GT40. Feeling his trust was betrayed, Dominic refuses to listen to Vince, who tried to explain that Reyes merely wanted the chip, and exiled his friend. Before he leaves, Vince reminds Dominic that his refusal to listen to him before back in Los Angeles led to the destruction of life and family, Letty’s death included.

The following day, their safe house is ambushed by Zizi and his men. Dominic, Mia and Brian are forced run. Dominic separates himself from Brian and Mia, leading Zizi and most of his men away from them. Running through the favelas, Dominic is pursued by DSS Agent, Luke Hobbs. During his escape, he encounters police local, Elena Neves, who holds him at gunpoint before he saves her from Reyes' men.

Dominic escapes before Hobbs’s team can catch him, but loses his cross necklace. When they reunite, Dominic tells Brian and Mia to go to the south while he takes care of Reyes' men. Brian agrees with Dominic’s plan until Mia announces her pregnancy. Elated, Dominic remains with his sister and Brian. Switching gears, the three of them decide to organize a crew to steal the $100 million dollars’ worth of laundered money from Reyes.

Dominic calls in Han, Santos and Giselle, who join Roman Pearce and Tej Parker as the crew to take down Reyes. Dominic and the others ambush one of Reyes’ laundering houses and burn the money, threatening to do the same thing to all other houses. As Dominic predicted, Reyes secures the rest of his money into a single place in a local police department. Dominic and Han call in a favor from his friend, Armando, who manages to deliver a bank vault similar to the one Reye was using to keep his money safe.

Dominic makes plans to secure cars for their heist. However, because Dominic and Han were caught on CCTV cameras in the city, the entire crew is identified by Luke Hobbs’s team. At a local street race, Dominic and the others are cornered by Hobbs who intends to arrest all of them. However, Dominic uses the local’s resentment of authority to his advantage with several armed men, who refuse to allow Hobbs to arrest them.

Hobbs and his team retreat. Dominic and the others use the tracking device Tej placed on Hobbs’s hummer to maintain vigilance on whereabouts. Dominic, realizing that Elena still had his cross, breaks into to Elena's house to recover his cross. He waited until Elena entered her house and disarmed herself. He attacks her, slamming her up against the wall. He waits until he’s sure she won’t scream.

When he removes his hand takes the cross from around her neck. Elena demand to know why he would risk exposing himself to her for “$20 worth of silver”. Dominic merely tells her the cross was worth it. Before he leaves, Elena inquires if Letty was special. Dominic answers in the affirmative, knowing that she understood his loss.

The following night, Dominic, Brian, Roman and Han head for police department parking lot and steal four police cruisers for the heist. They decide to have a quarter mile race for a million dollars. Dominic purposely forfeits the race at the last second to let Brian win as a present for his nephew.

When Vince saves Mia from Reyes’ men at a street market, he earns Dominic’s trust back. During dinner, Brian and Mia officially announce the pregnancy to the crew. Dominic proposes a toast to important thing in their lives: Family.

When they locate Hobbs’s hummer, Dominic and the others set their plans in motion. However, Hobbs' team raids the safe house. Hobbs destroys Dominic’s charger and reveals that he planted a tracking device on one of their cars. Dominic engages Hobbs in a fight. The two are locked in a struggle for a time until Dominic overpowers Hobbs and almost hits him with a wrench. Mia demands that Dominic stop fighting and he misses Hobbs' face by an inch. Following their fight, Dominic and the others are arrested. While transporting them to an airport for extradition to the United States, the convoy is attacked by Reyes' men.

Dominic and the others are released by Elena and aid Hobbs in fighting back against Zizi and their men. They kill every man except Zizi and escape. On the way back to their safe house, Dominic learns that Vince was fatally wounded. Before he dies, Vince tells Dominic that he named his son, Nico, after him. Dominic, fueled by revenge and regret, aligns himself with Hobbs, who wants revenge for his teammates who were murdered by Reyes’ men.

The heist begins the following day. Hobbs and Elena smash the hummer through the police station, allowing Dominic and Brian access to the vault. Using the wire tethers, they attach the vault to their cars and pull it out of the station. Dominic and Brian led the police through the city, destroying buildings and cars with the vault dragging behind them. When the two meet the others under the bridge, they switch vaults.

Han, Gisele and Leo take the vault with the money and hide it using a dump truck. Dominic and Brian resume their chase and leads the police to the bridge outside of the city. On the bridge, Dominic attempts to sacrifice himself, and tells Brian to escape with Mia. Despite his sister’s protests, he releases Brian's car off the vault, and turns back.

He accelerates and uses the vault to take out the remaining police cars. Dominic abandons his car, letting the vault crash into Reyes' car. Dominic is almost shot by Zizi. However, Brian shows up and kills Zizi. Hobbs and Elena arrive soon after and Hobbs shoots Reyes in the heart.

Hobbs refuses to let Dom go free. However, unwilling to arrest him, agrees to give Dominic and the others a 24-hour head start, but without the money. Dominic and Brian leave before Hobbs discovers the empty vault, and returns to the safe house. After taking their share of Reyes’s $100 million, the group part ways to start new lives outside of the United States. Dominic leaves Vince's share of the money with his wife Rosa and his son Nico, along with a letter saying "See you soon - Uncle Dom".

Some time later, Dominic and his sister have relocated to the Canary Islands in Spain. Brian and a pregnant Mia relax on a beach where they are met by Dominic and Elena, who began a relationship. Dominic watches his sister speak with Elena, relieved to see her happy. Brian challenges Dominic to a final, no-stakes race to prove who the better driver is.

Fast & Furious 6

Dominic and Brian race to the local church where Mia is giving birth to her son, Jack. Before Brian enters the church, Dominic tells him that nothing else except Mia’s child is important and their old lives would be left behind. Some time later, Hobbs appears at Dominic’s house and tries to recruit him in his effort to catch an ex-British Special Forces soldier named Owen Shaw. A skeptical Dom demanded to know what he would gain from helping Hobbs. Hobbs reveals the information on Letty provided him by Monica Fuentes. Elena encourages Dominic to help Hobbs, explaining that she would do the same if it were her husband.

Dominic agrees to help, but without his team. Hobbs rejects Dominic’s terms, explaining that Shaw's team was too dangerous and the entire group was required to taken him down. Reluctantly, Dominic contacts Roman, Tej, Han and Gisele. Afterwards, Dominic visits Brian, Mia and Jack. He gifts his nephew with a replica 1970 Dodge Charger toy, assured that he would take more after the Toretto family’s taste in cars than Brian and his love for imports.

Later, Dominic reveals to Brian Hobbs’s information on Letty, who is running with Owen Shaw’s team in London, England. Brian believed Hobbs was trying to manipulate Dominic into helping him, confident that Letty was dead despite the lack of a body. Dominic, however, needed to know for certain that his wife was dead. Mia asks them both to bring Letty home to reunite the family.

In London, Dominic and the others reunite at a headquarters. Hobbs explains the situation with Shaw, who was attempting to construct a device known as “Nightshade”, capable of disabling an entire country's power for 24 hours, and sell it for billions. Dominic and the others agree to help Hobbs on the stipulation that they are all given full pardons, their criminal records erased. Hobbs obliges the terms. Dominic follows Hobbs and Riley Hicks, to Shaw's hideout while Brian and the other head for Interpol to prevent the theft of a databank containing information on the locations of the missing components of the Nightshade.

Shaw escapes the police in his Flip Car, while destroying the garage. Dominic and Hobbs pursue Shaw through the city and meet up with the rest of the team, who are pursuing the rest of Shaw’s team. Traveling through a tunnel, Dominic and Hobbs go after Shaw. During the pursuit, Dominic is led away from Shaw by Letty, who Dominic immediately recognizes. Dominic pursues Letty until he manages to force her car to stop by bumping its rear. When Dominic steps out of his car he is shot in the shoulder by Letty, who flees immediately after.

The following day, Brian tracks the origin of Letty's PSM pistol. Dominic and Brian visit the pawn shop where she and Dominic interrogated the owner. Dominic learns that Letty attended local street races in the city. When the team returns to the safe house, Gisele informs them that Shaw is working with Braga. Dominic agrees with Brian’s plan to visit Braga in prison as a prisoner in order to interrogate him.

After having Han ask around, Dominic heads for the street race Letty was attending. The two exchange words, Letty was impressed that Dominic would show his face after she shot him. Before the race begins proper, Dominic uses her words, “Ride or die”, in the hopes of triggering her memories. Near the end of their race, Letty signals Dominic to pull over. After they stop, the two talk. Dominic reveals little bits of information about Letty’s past with him when she refuses to believe that he knows her.

He uses the scars she earned before and after she “died” as a talking point. Dominic mentions the night she saved him after they first raced each other, the time she crashed her Ford Torino Cobra when she was in Boyle Heights with his sister, Mia. He mentions the scar below her pants line was earned when they were in the Dominican Republic together.

Before Letty leaves, Dominic gives her the cross necklace. Soon after, Shaw arrives in an Aston Martin DB9 to confront Dominic about Letty. Shaw threatens to use Letty against him, knowing that his loyalty to Letty and his code makes him vulnerable. Dominic is targeted by Adolfson with a sniper-rifle, after Dominic refuses to cease in his effort to bring Shaw to justice. Shaw is forced to back down when Hobbs reveals himself and targets him with his own sniper rifle. When Shaw departs, Hobbs tells Dominic that he planted a tracking device on Dominic. Dominic, aware of the fact, returns the tracking device to Hobbs.

Shaw's next operation involved getting hold of a powerful Computer Processing Unit, which meant having to steal a tank from a military base in Spain. Dominic and the others follow after Shaw, who hijacked a tank in a military convoy. Following the destruction of Roman’s 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, Dominic tells Brian to use the crushed vehicle as an anchor to stop Shaw’s tank. Brian in the Ford Escort MK I, follows Dominic’s order and uses Roman’s car, tied to the nose of the tank by Roman, as an anchor and stop the tank.

Letty is ordered by Shaw to remove the wire from around the nose of the tank. Dominic, realizing that Letty was in danger, crashes his 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona into the wall of the opposite side of the highway and launches himself across the gap when Letty is thrown off the top of the tank. Dominic catches Letty and they land on top of a car on the other side of the highway bridge.

Following the failure of Owen's tank operation, Shaw is apprehended along with the members of the team that were with him. However, Shaw revealed to Dominic and the others that his team had kidnapped Mia. They use her as a bargaining chip, forcing Dominic and Hobbs to allow Owen and his team to leave with the billion-pound CPU. Riley reveals herself as a double agent working with Owen Shaw and leaves with Shaw's team. Letty, remains with Dominic and his team.

The Team race to catch Shaw on an airstrip. Shaw gets aboard an aircraft. Letty, Dominic, Brian and Hobbs board on the airplane to save Mia, while the others attempt to stop the air plane from taking off. Dominic fights Klaus and Shaw with Hobbs. When Klaus is defeated and Mia secured, Hobbs, Letty, Brian and Mia escape the plane using the cars in the cargo plane. Dominic continues to fight. When Shaw tries to escape in his Humvee, Dominic pursues him. Dominic is able to grab the Nightshade device and jumps out of the Humvee. Shaw is launched from the car and falls off the airplane to an apparent death.

The plane crashes and explodes. Dominic uses one of the Dodge Charger LXs to escape the plane before he is killed. The Charger flips when it loses traction on the air strip and rolls, crashing nearby the burning wreckage. While the crew fears the worst has happened to Dominic, he emerges from the wreckage, relatively unharmed. Following the incident in London, Dominic and the others return to Los Angeles to the Toretto House.

During their family barbecue, Elena and Hobbs visit the Toretto House with news that their criminal records were wiped clean. Elena and Dominic talk. Elena, acknowledging that their relationship is over, tells him that she is fine that he chose Letty over her. The team enjoys their freedom back in Los Angeles.

Furious 7

At the beginning of Furious 7, Dom is first seen driving a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda with Letty through the desert trying to help her regain her memories. It is revealed that he is driving to Race Wars (the event from the first film). After seeing Letty win a race, he tries to congratulate her but she has a memory attack, punches Hector, one of the first film's characters, and then drives off. After that Dom reunites with Hector. Dom later finds Letty in a graveyard where she was presumably buried. He tries to destroy the grave with a sledgehammer but Letty stops him, saying it's the truth and she has to find herself. After that, she kisses Dom goodbye and leaves him.

Dom later visits Mia, Brian, and his nephew Jack at the old Toretto home, with a package from Tokyo out on the front porch. As Brian puts Jack in his minivan, Mia explains to Dom that he is struggling with his life and she is pregnant again, with a little girl. Dom tells Mia that she is the best thing that has ever happened to Brian. As Mia walks down the front walkway, he gets a call from Deckard Shaw, older brother of Owen Shaw saying, "Dominic Toretto, you don't know me. You're about to." As he hangs up, he realizes the package is actually a bomb. Yelling "get down!", he grabs Mia and holds her down as the bomb explodes, destroying the Toretto home. As Mia gets up running towards Brian and Jack, Dom looks at the burnt remains of the demolished Toretto home.

Dom later learns Luke Hobbs was put in the Hospital (caused by Shaw after setting off a bomb at his headquarters after engaging in a brutal fight with him) and visits him. After briefly meeting his daughter, Samantha Hobbs, Dom learns from Hobbs that Shaw is a lethal British special forces assassin seeking to avenge his brother. After finding out that Shaw is the one that killed his friend Han in Tokyo and sent the bomb that destroyed his home, Hobbs asks him one favor when he finds Shaw; "don't miss".

As Dom leaves the Hospital, he calls his sister, who is in the Dominican Republic for safety held by Dom's friend, Armando and tells her it looks like the sins of London have followed them home. He then tells her to tell Brian he'll see him in LA in two days because he is going to Tokyo to bring Han's body home. As he arrives in Tokyo, he meets and races Sean Boswell, the new drift king. After the race (it is revealed that Dom won), Sean gives Dom a couple things he found in Han's car after the crash. He gives him a picture of Gisele Yashar, and Dom's cross necklace. After that Sean asks when he finds Shaw, what will he do. Dom responds by saying, "Words haven't been invented yet."

At Han's funeral, Dom puts the picture of Gisele right next to the picture of Han on top of his grave. After that, Dom sees a car nearby spying on him, Brian, Tej, and Roman. Learning it is Shaw, he gets in his Plymouth Road Runner and chases the car out of the graveyard and throughout the streets of LA. As Shaw lures him into an underground tunnel with his Maserati Ghibli, The two play a game of chicken and both damage their cars as they charge toward each other. As they both get out of their vehicles face-to-face for the first time, Shaw tells him that their from different worlds and that he has seen a lot meaner streets than the ones Dom is used to. After that Dom pulls out his sledgehammer he had earlier and tells him it is gonna get a lot meaner. Although Shaw pulls a gun on him and says, "You thought this was gonna be a street fight." But before Shaw can shoot Dom, a team of black ops soldiers appear and shoot at Shaw, forcing him to flee. As the soldiers force Dom on the ground, Dom attacks one of them and strangles him. When the soldiers demand Dom to let him , their leader, and unknown agent referred to as "Mr. Nobody", tells them to back off since they are on the same team. Mr. Nobody informs Dom that he can help get Shaw.

Dom is brought with him to a convert ops command center and is told by Mr. Nobody that they can help each other get what they both need. Mr. Nobody later informs him that a hacker known only as Ramsey has been captured by a wanted terrorist name Mose Jakande because he is pursuing something Ramsey helped develop called God's Eye, which is a surveillance system that can spot anybody from anywhere in the world. Using this, Dom can locate Shaw and take him down. As Dom accepts this offer, he is joined by Brian, Tej, Roman, and later Letty, who came back. After discussing how to get to their location, the guys come up with a plan to infiltrate the bus that is carrying Ramsey, while Dom asks Tej to help him put armor on one car.

The plan involves the five dropping from a jet in their cars and carefully land close to their target. Roman gets cold feet, prompting Tej to pull the chute out on him and sucking him out of the plane. The other four land close to the bus and break in. As the four cars ride through the Caucasus Mountains in Azerbaijan, they find the convoy but are spotted by Jakande's men, who then shoot at the team. Brian hops on the bus and fights off the guards. He finds Ramsey in her cell and has her jump off the bus and onto the hood of Dom's car for safety. As Dom is able to get Ramsey in his car, he is attacked by a fast attack vehicle and the driver is revealed to be Shaw, who followed them and leads them both through the woods and right next to a steep cliff. As Shaw attempts to knock Dom's car off the cliff, Roman appears and knocks Shaw off the road. However, Jakande himself and his team find Dom. Before they can get him, he drives his car off a cliff, yet he and Ramsey miraculously survive.

Later, Dom and the team revive Ramsey, who tells them that she gave God's Eye to a friend of hers in Abu Dhabi. They all travel there and meet this person, Safar, who says he sold God's Eye to a prince. The team goes undercover to a party that the prince is throwing. Dom and Brian find that God's Eye is in a car. Letty ends up fighting three guards and the prince's head bodyguard Kara. Kara alerts the guards that there are intruders, keeping Tej and Ramsey out of their systems. Dom and Brian drive the car out of there before the gates shut the place down. Shaw comes out and tries to shoot at Dom, until he drives out of the building and through the next one. Dom discovers that the breaks are out, forcing him and Brian to jump to the next building. The two jump out of the car and pull God's Eye out before the car slides out and crashes to the ground below.

With God's Eye and the arrival of Mr. Nobody, Ramsey is able to track Shaw, who drove a Lamborghini Aventador outside Abu Dhabi to an abandoned factory. Dominic, Brian, Mr. Nobody, his right-hand man Sheppard, and the rest of his team track Shaw down and attempt to capture him. But it is revealed that Shaw is not alone. They are ambushed by Jakande and his militants, who Shaw joined forces with. During the gunfight, Shepperd is killed by Jakande, Mr. Nobody is shot and wounded by Jakande's right-hand man, Kiet. Dom carries him out of there with Brian, and Jakande gets his hands on God's Eye, which Brian and Dom are forced to leave. After they leave the factory, Mr. Nobody calls for medical assistance, and tells Dom that he will be leaving him from there, but not before telling hims to take down Shaw and protect Ramsey from Jakande since they will be coming for her because they know she can lock them out of God's Eye.

After leaving Mr. Nobody in the desert to be evacuated by a helicopter, the team decides to return to their hometown, Los Angeles to fight Shaw and Jakande as they are left with no other choice. Upon arriving in LA, Brian and the rest of the team decide to deal with Jakande, while Dom will deal with Shaw. Letty tells Dom that it feels like she's not going to see him again. Dom then puts his necklace on her, promising he will return for it. Dom later goes to the garage right by his destroyed home. Inside, he uncovers his old 1970s Dodge Charger and prepares for later that night.

While the others are dealing with Jakande, Dom finds Shaw in the streets driving an Aston Martin, and lures him to a parking lot where they have their final showdown. They attempt to play another game of chicken, but as they charge toward each other, Dom is able to lift the front of his car up at full speed and it crushes the front part of Shaw's car. After backing out, Shaw gets out of his crushed vehicle, drops his firearm and pulls out an unknown metal stick from his car, but Dom pulls a shotgun on him saying, "You thought this was gonna be a street fight?" referring to what Shaw said earlier. As Shaw grins, Dom shoots his shotgun away from him, throws it back into his car and pulls out a pipe and a wrench, saying, "You're goddamn right it is." As Shaw rips off another unknown metal stick from his vehicle, the two engage in an epic one-on-one brawl all over the roof of the parking garage.

During the fight, Shaw manages to gain the upper hand, but after he kicks Dom toward his car, he sees a pack of grenades in Shaw's car and as Shaw strikes him again, Dom start throw him around. Shaw hits Dom with one of his sticks after Dom body slammed him, before Jakande intervenes and attacks them both thinking Shaw is no longer useful to him, and Shaw is when part of the parking garage collapses beneath him, which Dom stomps.

As Jakande prepares to kill Dom, Hobbs, who broke out of the hospital, attacks Jakande's helicopter with a mini-gun. With the distraction from Hobbs, Shaw grabs the grenades from Shaw's crushed vehicle and drives away through the parking garage, but Jakande's pilot fires missiles at him, destroying the parking garage. As Dom sees a ramp ahead of him, he then launches his vehicle at Jakande's helicopter, tossing Shaw's bag of grenades onto its skids, before injuring himself when his car lands and crashes. Hobbs then shoots the bag of grenades from ground level, destroying the helicopter and killing Jakande. When Dom remains unconscious, the team fears that he is dead. As Letty cradles Dom's body in her arms, she reveals that she has regained her memories, and that she remembers their wedding. Dom regains consciousness soon after, remarking, "It's about time".

After Shaw is locked up in a CIA black site prison by Hobbs, Dom and his team are later seen on a beach with Mia and Jack. As he, Letty, Roman, Tej, and Ramsey watch Brian play with his family, they acknowledge that Brian is better off retired with his family. They realize this is where he belongs, and they look at them lovingly. Dom gets up to leave. Ramsey asks if he's gonna say goodbye. Dom says, "It's never goodbye." He drives away, but Brian catches up with him at a crossroad. As Dom remembers the times that he had had with Brian, they smile and bid each other farewell and drive off in separate directions.

The Fate of the Furious

In The Fate of the Furious, Dom has betrayed his family and friends at the behest of a mysterious, seductive woman known as Cipher. After betraying his team to steal an EMP device they were assigned to recover, it is revealed that Cipher - who was responsible for organizing the attempted creation of the Nightshade device and the near-theft of God's Eye from the previous two films - has captured Elena and Dom's previously unknown son, using them as blackmail tools to ensure Dom's cooperation. Despite Cipher's dismissal of Dom's views on family and her access to multiple surveillance systems, Dom manages to use his contacts to pass on a message to Magdalene "Queenie" Shaw, the mother of Deckard and Owen, allowing her to retrieve her sons and send them to Cipher's untraceble plane via a tracking device slipped into Dom's necklace. Once the Shaws retrieve his son (Elena - having been murdered earlier by Connor Rhodes), Dom kills Connor, avenging Elena’s death, then rejoins his team and destroys a nuclear submarine Cipher remotely controls. Although Cipher escapes, Dom vows to Elena to protect their son, giving the boy his first name, Brian after his brother-in-law and best friend.

F9: The Fast Saga

Dom honors his vow by living off the grid with Letty, teaching Little Brian his various skills. When he is visited by Tej, Roman and Ramsey, they reveal a video distress call from Mr Nobody, who has captured Cipher, but his plane was subsequently attacked by a rogue agent who is after a dangerous cargo on board, and crashed in Montequinto, Central America. Dom initially refuses to go with them, still honoring his vow, even though Cipher is involved, but Letty leaves to take part in the mission. Dom reconsiders when he reviews the call, sees a cross necklace identical to his own, and realizes that Jakob is involved, and catches up to them just before their plane takes off.

After they arrive at the crash site, they are unable to find Mr Nobody, but they recover his cargo - a small, hemispherical device. They are ambushed and chased away by both a private army and the local militia. When they discover that they are approaching a minefield, Tej determines that they must drive at 80 mph to avoid being blasted. Roman is nearly killed, but they make it. Letty is thrown off her motorbike by a mystery car. After saving her, Dom discovers that Jakob is driving the car and leading the private army; he retrieves the device and escapes by jumping his car onto a magnetic airplane. Tej, Roman and Ramsey accidentally destroy a rope bridge across the border by crossing it. Dom and Letty manage to swing their car across, crashing it in the process.

En route out of the region, Brian's former FBI colleague, Michael Stasiack, chastises Dom for their firefight against the private army and the local military. Letty also tells the rest of the team about Dom's relationship with Jakob, as they reach a safehouse on a Caspian Sea coastline. There, Dom insists that Jakob is his cross to bear, as his mistakes led Jakob down his path, but the team stays with him regardless. Mia also arrives, having been informed by Letty of Jakob's involvement. Dom warns her of the mission's danger, but she informs him that all their children are safe in Brian's custody. Ramsey determines that the stolen object is part of a device named Project Aries which, when uploaded to a satellite, will instantly hack into every computer system in the world. For security reasons, the device was split into two, and its security key has gone missing. Tej also reveals that Han shared a connection to Aries.

As Letty and Mia head to Tokyo to investigate the connection, Dom returns to the US and meets Jack's mechanic, Buddy, who took Jakob in after his exile. Buddy chastises Dom for driving Jakob away, warning him that if he interferes with Jakob, only one of them will make it out alive. Advising him to "make peace with the past if you want hope for the future", Buddy tells Dom that Jakob is in London.

Dom proceeds there and meets his old friend Magdalene Shaw, who takes him for a ride in her car. She tells Dom that she sold Jakob some weapons, and discovered that he had a job planned in Edinburgh. He offered her more money if she gave Dom to him, so she drives him to Jakob's location, a large mansion. Before dropping him off, she warns him not to get himself killed, complimenting him as "[her] favourite American".

Dom confronts Jakob and his associate, Otto. Jakob orders Dom to leave just like he did to him, but Dom, still believing Jakob got their father killed, angrily claims he showed Jakob mercy that day (presumably because he would have killed Jakob instead of driving him away) and refuses to show it a second time. Otto has Dom arrested by Interpol agents, but they rescue him, revealing themselves to actually be mercenaries led by Leysa, an old friend.

He proceeds to Edinburgh, where Tej, Roman and Ramsey join him. Ramsey discovers that Jakob is using an enormous electromagnet in a truck to steal another hemispherical device - the second half of Aries. They are unable to stop Jakob from stealing it, but Tej and Roman find the electromagnet, and Dom orders Ramsey to commandeer its truck despite her lack of driving skills. After an intense chase across the city, Ramsey runs Otto's car off the road and uses the electromagnet to capture Jakob.

They return to the safehouse and have Jakob locked in a cell, reuniting with Mia and Letty, as well as Han, who faked his death in Tokyo, and meeting his adopted daughter, Elle, for the first time. Han explains that he stayed in Tokyo to honor Gisele, and met Mr Nobody there, who told him that she was one of his best agents; struck by her sacrifice, he recruited Han, knowing he could trust him as Gisele did, and assigned him to protect Elle's family. Her biological parents were the original creators of Aries, and when Elle escaped the car bombing that killed them, Han, per his mission, saved her from more mercenaries and then took her in. The master key is revealed to be her parents' biometrics, and therefore hers. When Han was informed that another of Mr Nobody's agents went rogue, they used Deckard's vendetta to fake Han's death so he could protect Elle.

The safehouse is then attacked by Otto's men, who free Jakob. Jakob tells Dom that he was the rogue agent, which is why Mr Nobody was able to find Dom so quickly. He also reveals that Jack, intending to escape deep debt, ordered Jakob to tamper with the car so he could throw the race and lose his death; the plan failed due to Linder's dirty tactics. Jakob and Otto force the team to let them escape with Elle and the second Aries device, and a few of his men stay behind and attempt to eliminate them.

Tej, Roman, Ramesey, Mia and Han escape, and Dom, engaging the mercenaries, assures Letty that he will always be with her, as he locked himself in a shaft and tackles them into a pool of water at the bottom of the shaft, killing them and falling unconscious himself. He has a dream of the family and realizes Jakob was telling the truth firsthand. When he briefly awakens in the water, Letty rescues him.

The reunited family begins planning their strategy to stop Otto from activating Aries. He will launch a pirate satellite which will infect other satellites with Aries, and the satellite can't be hacked remotely; thus, the only way to stop the hack is to physically manipulate the satellite in orbit. To that end, the team sends Tej and Roman to Sean, Twinkie and Earl, who have been working on a "rocket car" fashioned from a Pontiac Fiero, while they go after Otto and his army.

As Otto begins the upload from his armored convoy, moving through Tbilisi, the team, using parts of the electromagnet in their own cars, attack the escort. Dom eliminates two of the escorting SUVs, while Letty and Ramsey take out another. Han and Mia to infiltrate an armored car, kick out its driver and guard, and rescue Elle. When Otto betrays Jakob and has him thrown off the convoy, Dom and Mia save him, and he initially escapes in the latter's car, but returns to help them after he overhears them struggling to penetrate or stop the convoy's armadillo. By sticking their cars to the sides of the truck and braking hard, they are able to overturn it; Dom saves Jakob from being crushed, then infiltrates the truck with Ramsey. Meanwhile, Tej and Roman take the rocket car into space with help from Sean and Earl, where they locate and destroy the satellite, allowing Dom and Ramsey to retrieve the assembled Aries device. Ramsey escapes with it as the sliding truck crashes through a construction site, while Dom witnesses Cipher's magnetic plane arriving. He uses an explosive to send the truck rolling down a hill on the city's outskirts, landing right-side up on another road. He uses the truck to defend himself from missiles launched from the drone by Cipher, resulting in Otto being killed instead, and also to destroy the plane. It is later revealed that the plane was actually a drone, and Cipher escapes in frustration. Dom acknowledges how much he owes Jakob, telling him "Someone once gave me a ten-second car as a chance to escape", and likewise allows Jakob to escape in his car, finally forgiving him for his role in their father's death.

Dom later takes Little Brian to the Baldwin Speedway where Jack was killed, telling him that although he never raced there like Jack did, he learned everything there.

Back in Los Angeles, at the Toretto house (still under reconstruction after Deckard's bombing), the crew, including Santos, begins having a barbacue, celebrating Han's return and their recent adventure. When Little Brian asks how to say grace, Dom simply answers "Just say whatever's in your heart." Shortly after, Brian arrives in his car.


Dominic has been described as "a gruff but affectionate father to his loyal pack of renegades, providing them with barbecue, protection, and a rough moral code to live by. "Toretto is "caretaker", defined largely by his emotional ties. In contrast to O'Conner's estranged relationship with his father, Toretto puts family first. Dominic is very protective of Mia and extremely loyal to anyone he considers family. He will do anything he can for them, even traveling to a foreign country to retrieve their body for a proper burial. Dominic is a religious man on account of his upbringing, attending church as a child with his father and sister.

While not overtly religious, Dominic relies largely on the faith he places in people. He requires everyone at the table wait until the food is blessed before eating, or bless the table when they eat before the blessing takes place. He uses the cross he wears around his neck representation of his love for wife, Letty Ortiz, who has known since childhood. Dominic recalls his father's influence on him and the things he did for Mia as as child as the reason he considers family as most important.

Dominic is impulsive and has little control over his temper. He tends to attack people whenever they insult him, or when he sees something he doesn't like. Dominic doesn't even bother asking for the full story and attacks the offender before an explanation, as seen when he attacked Kenny Linder following his father's death, and Brian, when he assumed Brian's actions resulted in Letty's death at the hands of Braga's cartel. His lack of control has often resulted in grievous consequences for the one attacked.

During his time on the run in Rio and onward, Dominic develops a better impulse control. He doesn't attack Owen Shaw following his meeting with Letty, something he would've normally done in the past. Instead he speaks with Owen, who is confident that Dominic's moral code and familial ties makes him vulnerable to attack.

Wanting to set a good example Jack, Dom and Brian agreed to leave the life of illegal street racing behind. However, they have come out of retirement sparingly when the situation calls for the unique skills of his crew.


  • Peak Human Condition: Dominic has proven himself to wield immense strength and durability easily apparent for someone of his physical build. Surprisingly, he is very fast and agile too, as well as quite athletic.
    • Peak Human Strength: Dominic can generate peak human strength. He is able to easily overpower weaker opponents, even quite a few of those that included extensively trained fighters and during his fight with Deckard Shaw, he proved to surpass Deckard's strength, able to uppercut him off his feet and several feet away, as well as pick him up by his collar. His blows were able to punch through concrete and dent a car when he punched it instead of Shaw, which angered him to the point he was able to lift him up and throw him into a car windshield from a further distance. He could also lift Connor Rhodes by the throat with one hand. His greatest feat of strength was stomping the ground weakened by Mose Jakande's missiles, causing it to crumble beneath Shaw's feet. The only ones to have ever surpassed Dominic's strength are Luke Hobbs and Klaus but even those individuals have trouble fighting him, as Dominic was able to clash with Hobbs and cause him trouble breaking out of his grip while he was able to eventually do the same when Hobbs restrained him, although he only did it the second time when he was angered upon seeing Mia in danger, while he was able to knock off Klaus with a leaping blow and lift him long enough for Hobbs to knock him out. In Abu Dhabi, Dominic also managed to lift the front of a Lykan HyperSport, which weighed 3,042 pounds (1,380 kilograms/1.52 tons).
  • Master Driver: Dominic is career racer and proficient driver, adept at driving various vehicles. Dominic is skilled in varying race and street sports, such as cornering and drifting, but prefers quarter mile races. Dominic is often reckless, using extreme measures to resolve equally extreme situations. In two different occasions, Dominic drove his Dodge Charger R/T off the cliff and smashed it in order to escape from Mose Jakande and his men, and twice he smashed directly in a head-on collision with Deckard Shaw.
  • Expert Engineer: Dominic is adept at fixing and tuning cars, rivaled only by Tej Parker in experience. He built the Dodge Charger R/T with his father. He built and tuned several vehicles that he owned, including two 1970 Plymouth Road Runners and a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle from an audition race for Braga's crew membership.
  • Master Combatant: As a street fighter, Dominic uses unorthodox methods to fight his opponents. He is not afraid to use blunt weapons, such as wrenches and pipes. His impulsiveness and aggression is often a driving force in winning fights, but as he matured, he learned to keep his head and resort to more tactical methods. He is usually capable of drawing strength from watching his loved ones to turn the tides against a winning foe. In addition to being capable of handling many highly trained opponents on his own easily, Dominic has proven his physical conditioning and skills to be enough to pose a difficult challenge to the likes of the extremely skilled Brian, Owen Shaw, and even Deckard Shaw and Luke Hobbs. Indeed, he was able to soundly defeat Brian, stalemate Owen and Deckard, and while ultimately overpowered by Hobbs, he was able to match and even gain the upper hand and almost kill him upon seeing Letty giving him strength.
  • Marksman: Unlike many of his opponents, Dominic rarely resorts to using firearms. When he does use firearms, his preference is often the shotgun. Even though Dominic prefers fists over firearms, he is adept at using them. He mainly prefers using shotguns, and once, he made a sawn-off. While he was under attack from Reyes's men, he saved Hobbs's life and killed several attacking men using a shotgun from Hobbs's armored truck.
  • Leadership/Tactician: Dominic is rather intelligent and uses his opponent’s presumption to regard him as ignorant to his advantage. He perchance of elaborate heists, such as the 2004 truck hijackings, and the 2009 fuel thefts, saw him and his given teams incorporate high end and luxury vehicles into his plans. When collaborating with Brian in 2009, he devised a plan to hijack 100 million dollars in Rio from Hernan Reyes, a Brazilian drug lord, and also aided Luke Hobbs to capture Owen Shaw. After escaping capture in the U.S for hijacking cars, he was able to escape from the county. He managed to remain in hiding for five years from the U.S government, travelling across Central and South America, such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Ecuador and Brasil. After stealing 100 million dollars from Hernan Reyes, he hid in the Canary Island in Spain mainly because there was no extradition clause.
  • Bilingualism: Dominic speaks English and Spanish.


  • (1993) Mazda RX-7
  • (1970) Dodge Charger R/T
  • (1994) Toyota Supra MK IV
  • (1970) Plymouth Road Runner
  • (1987) Buick Grand National


  • Jack Toretto (Father)
  • Unnamed Mother
  • Jakob Toretto (Brother)
  • Mia Toretto (Sister)
  • Brian O'Conner (Brother-In-Law)
  • Fernando Toretto (Cousin)
  • Tony Toretto (Cousin)
  • Letty Ortiz (Wife)
  • Jack O'Conner (Nephew)
  • Olivia O'Conner (Niece)
  • Brian Toretto (Son)



Known Inconsistencies

  • The Fast and the Furious establishes that Dominic and Letty were neighbors who knew each other since Letty was ten years old. In Fast & Furious 6, Dominic states that he never met Letty until she was fifteen and they participated in street race.
  • At the end of Fast Five, Dominic, Mia and Brian have fled to the Canary Islands in Spain to avoid extradition. However, Spain has an extradition treaty with the United States.


  • Dominic Toretto is the main protagonist of The Fast and the Furious franchise. With the exception of 2 Fast 2 Furious and its short film, he has appeared in every film in the franchise since Tokyo Drift.
  • In a deleted the scene for The Fast and the Furious, Dominic recalls that his father taught him how to drive when he was five years old.
  • Before Vin Diesel was cast, Timothy Olyphant was the studio's initial candidate for the role of Dominic Toretto, but turned down the offer due to the film being too similar to Gone in 60 Seconds.
  • In Fast Five, Dominic refers to his family, "Salute mi Familia".

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