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Dominique Derval is the deuteragonist of 007’s movie Thunderball.

She is a French redeemed villainess, she’s the mistress of SPECTRE operative, of Emilio Largo.

She was portayed by Claudine Auger, whose voice was dubbed over by Nikki van der Zyl.


Domino is everything Bond finds irresponsible in an intelligent, imaginative, funny, sexually aggressive and courageous woman.


M talks to Bond and other secret agents about Dominique's double 0 in Europe during a briefing. Bond is able to recognize her because he recognizes her brother in the photo, and because he had seen him dead the night before at the Shrublands health clinic, so he asks permission to investigate what he has just discovered instead of his assigned mission.

Bond first encounters Domino while swimming in Nassau, when Domino's foot gets stuck in a form of ocean floor and then Bond frees her. She swims to her boat and thanks Bond. Bond returns to his boat with his Nassau contact, Paula Caplan, who looks after Bond's boat as he tries to find out more about Domino. He does this by having dinner with her on the beach, but Quist spies on the two, which means that Domino had to go back to the Flying Saucer.

In the hotel where Bond resides, he sees Domino with Largo, Domino smokes and Bond instead made an offer in the match against Largo and Domino tells them that she is going to have a drink with Bond. Outside at the party Bond and Domino dance together but are interrupted by Largo coming to get her.

In Palmyra, Largo's home, Domino is swimming and Bond comes to visit her, then goes to eat with Largo at the Nassau Junkanoo.

After attending the Junkanoo with Bond, Domino tells Bond that Felix Leiter is trying to contact him. Felix stays with Domino while Bond searches for Paula who has been kidnapped by Fiona, but discovers that Paula committed suicide by ingesting cyanide.

Domino sees Bond in the water the following day, and then explains the whole situation misunderstood that her brother was killed by Largo and Largo plans to create a nuclear holocaust with the bombs SPECTRE gave him. So, Domino helps Bond kill Vargas and the spies aboard the Saucer, but soon after she is captured and tortured by Largo.

Kutze, repenting, releases her so that she can reconcile with Bond on the deck of the ship, Largo holds Bond at gunpoint, is about to shoot him a mortal body, when Domino mortally hits him in the back with a harpoon, Largo turns and falls dead on the rudder of the ship. Failing to get the body off the helm in time, Bond, Domino and Kutze save themselves by jumping off the Flying Saucer, a second before it crashes and explodes violently.

Later the three are rescued by the CIA and carried by a sky hook.


  • Domino's wardrobe reflects her name, as she is usually dressed in black and/or white.
  • When Bond and Domino meet underwater and disappear behind a rock, the scene was originally supposed to show Domino's bikini float out from behind the rock. Albert R. Broccoli vetoed this, because he felt it was too suggestive.


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