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YES! Throw all your money on the ground; that's very smart!
~ Don in the finale

Don is the Host from the Total Drama spin off series, Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. He's the complete opposite of Chris McLean, as he doesn't enjoy watching the contestants go through the dangerous challenges, and he also makes sure they follow the rules. If one of the contestants doesn't follow the rules, they get a penalty for the length of minutes.

He was voiced by Terry McGurrin.


Don seems to be indifferent to the risks of putting the contestants through dangerous challenges, but he rarely shows sadism towards them (unlike Chris). Despite being indifferent to the dangerous challenges, he does show legitimate concern for the well-being of the contestants. Though he does like to mess with some of the teams once in a while, like the Vegans and the Ice Dancers, this trait is less pronounced in Don than in Chris, as seen in "Hello and Dubai". Like Chris, Don is a narcissist who often comments on his looks and shows loss in gracefulness if they were to be altered. Unlike Chris, though, Don is actually fair to the competitors as he makes sure that they thoroughly follow the rules, and is less sadistic. He does not hesitate to penalize those who break the rules, but will not disqualify any teams for causing any sort of trouble, especially in regards to his least favorite team (who cheats or sabotages other teams) throughout the race. He doesn't let two teams shares such as the fossils and force competitors to try again. Much Like Chris, he doesn't care about excuses, but is considerably nicer and friendlier towards contestants that he likes, and will show sympathy and even emotional attachment towards the ones he favors (the Surfers) being eliminated.

Penalty Given To

French is an Eiffel Language: Noah and Owen (20 Minutes), because Owen ate their boat that's ironically cheese though Owen tried to convince him that he is cheese, but failed. But they're still in the game due to Gerry's foot out of the Carpet.

Mediterranean Homesick Blues: Dwayne and Junior (20 Minutes) because Dwayne read the travel tip before reuniting with Junior at the Beach and he tried to bribe Don with coupons, but failed. Tom and Jen also (20 Minutes) because they arrived at the yacht with the prince instead of the Train as instructed.

Bjorken Telephone: Taylor and Kelly (1 hour = 60 Minutes) because when they got the Icelandic sentence wrong, they are both supposed to start over and only Kelly started over, and Taylor blamed her mother for that penalty, which was rude to her.

Brazilian Pain Forest: Laurie and Miles (30 Minutes) because each one of them was supposed to make a costume for another but Miles makes both of them. Right after the penalty, they were eliminated after the Rockers arrived because of Spud's delayed reaction to the bullet ant bites before the costume challenge, causing the Rockers to still be in the race.

A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket: Crimson and Ennui (10 Minutes) for switching the coffin during the challenge, before they head to the graveyard.

El Bunny Surpremo: Jacques and Josee (10 Minutes) because they were supposed to bring the burros to the finish.

How Deep Is Your Love: Jacques and Josee again (30 Minutes) Don notices that the Ice Dancers stole Kitty's ball and didn't complete the challenge properly, but after their penalty was up they still managed to get first place.

Darjeel With It: Jacques and Josee again (1 hour = 60 Minutes) Don notices that the Ice Dancers have cheated on the train challenge. This was Don's first attempt to eliminate the Ice Dancers because they never played by the rules, but failed because their penalty was up. The Ice Dancers are still in the game and the Daters are eliminated.




  • Crimson (one-sided; on Don's side)
  • Ennui (one-sided; on Don's side)
  • Gerry
  • Jacques
  • Josee
  • Laurie


  • According to Fresh TV, Don is somewhere in his 40's.
  • Don is often contrasted to Chris McLean. While Don himself is a narcissist, he has more of a heart than Chris. Some of the differences include:
    • While Chris is willing to let some contestants (even Duncan) cheat, Don would penalize some cheaters. However, it is worth noting that in some episodes (i.e. Mexico, the Outback, Argentina, etc.), Don doesn't notice the cheating, while Chris punished some for cheating.
    • While Don's challenges are also life-threatening, they are not as severe as Chris' and always checks if they are legal.
    • Chris is willing to bend the rules to his whim, while Don prefers to follow them.
    • Don does not mistreat his interns as harshly as Chris did.
    • Whenever a contestant is injured, Don is willing to switch them out with an eliminated team in the event that said contestant does not want to continue anymore. In contrast, Chris is willing to bring back contestants whenever he feels like it (which was evident in "I See London..." and "No Pain, No Game").

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