We're gonna make a fortune with this place.
~ Donald Gennaro

Donald Gennaro is a character who appears in both the novel and film of Jurassic Park. He is a supporting protagonist in the novel, and an anti-hero in the film. In the film, he is played by Martin Ferrero.



A lawyer for Cowan, Swain & Ross, Gennaro is a family man with a daughter. Following a series of deaths at Jurassic Park, Gennaro is sent by his employers to determine if the park is safe for visitors, with explicit instructions to shut John Hammond down if it isn't. A somewhat greedy and cautious, even cowardly man, Gennaro nevertheless overcomes his fear and reluctance throughout the story, particularly when he is assisting game warden Robert Muldoon in trying to capture escaped dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus rex.

He eventually decides to do as his employer from the law firm suggested and shut Jurassic Park, and ends up assisting Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler in their mission to the raptor nest. He escapes from the island aboard a helicopter along with the other surviving characters at the end, although he later dies of dysentary while on a business trip, as revealed in The Lost World.


Although Gennaro (now representing InGen's investors) retains most of his book counterpart's negative qualities such as his fretful and greedy nature, he retains virtually none of his positive ones. He is still married, judging by the wedding ring on his left hand. Although he still shows concern about the safety of the park, he becomes blinded by ambition after seeing the dinosaurs and all he can think about is how much money his clients will make thanks to Hammond, and his concerns about safety evaporate.

During the tour of the park, he ends up in the same Explorer as Hammond's grandchildren Tim and Lex, and thus becomes their guardian because he's the only adult in the vehicle. He proves uniformly incapable, doing little but reprimanding the children when they misbehave, and, when the Tyrannosaurus escapes from her paddock during a power outage caused by Dennis Nedry, Gennaro, in a blind, unthinking panic, abandons the children and runs and hides in a nearby restroom, where he sits cowering until the dinosaur knocks the structure down and eats him. His family sues InGen as revealed in a deleted scene in The Lost World.


  • He is a playable character in LEGO Jurassic World.
  • While hiding in the bathroom, he says a Hail Mary implying he is of Catholic faith.
  • Gennaro's film version is based completely on Ed Regis from the original novel. The only real different between them is their deaths. 

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