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Donald Thompson was a character that appeared in A Nightmare on Elm Street and A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. He was the father of Nancy Thompson, and the ex-husband of Marge Thompson. He was one of the parents that burned Freddy Krueger to death.

Donald is considered to be the first Nightmare hero. He is the fifth victim of Freddy's third killing spree. He is portrayed by the late John Saxon.


Donald cared greatly for his wife and daughter, and remained close to them after their divorce. He shows great love and passion for his daughter, and promises her he will catch Freddy Krueger after Glen's death in words of comfort even he doesn't believe in Freddy's existence.

He falls into depression after his ex-wife's death, and appears to be cold and decadent, but eventually picks up his love for his family and willing to help Dr. Neil Gordon to bury Freddy for good, and attempts to fight against him, which costs his life. His soul was then absorbed by Freddy. He was buried at his funeral. It was released along with souls of other victims in the 4th movie, The Dream Master.

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