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You worry too much.
~ Donna's last words to Allen.

Donna is a character first encountered in The Walking Dead (Comic Series). She is the wife of Allen and mother of twin brothers Billy and Ben.


Donna was an optimistic, loving, and caring woman, expressing genuine care for the others. She was shown to be stronger and dominant character that the other women of the group in her commentary for female stereotypes. Allen, her husband, acknowledged this, referring back to her as the person who always knew how to handle herself and her family.


Days Gone Bye

Before the epidemic, she was a housewife, while her husband Allen ran a shoe store in Atlanta. She was stated as being eight years older than Allen. After the dead rose, Donna and her family joined the group of survivors encamped on the outskirts of Atlanta. Donna mostly handled the domestic chores of the group, such as laundry. She wasn't agree with the regulation of duties, expressing a resentment against stereotypical expectations of women having to handle only domestic chores of the group. She was a caretaker of moribund Jim, so his last days weren't that bad. She was shown to be expressed extreme remorse, expressing her concern for everyone to Tyreese and Lori Grimes.

Miles Behind Us

Donna's character hasn't changed. Reaching the Wiltshire Estates, she appreciated the secure houses, and was anxious to have a safe environment, and friendly neighbors. Following the search parties' departures, she and Allen waited as Tyreese and Rick went to retrieve a weapon. Not obeying orders, she opened the front door of a house, not seeing a zombie standing right inside. This led to her eventual, unexpected death.

Heroic Acts

  • Taking care of kids, and her husband Allen.
  • Taking care of Jim, while he was dying.
  • Reassurance of her own family.



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