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Alright, you fucking lightweights. Are you gonna waterski or you gonna slide your fucking tampons in?

Donny Berger/Uncle Donnie is the hero of the 2012 Comedy, That's My Boy.

He is played by Adam Sandler, who has also portrayed Happy GilmoreBilly Madison, Bobby Boucher, Little NickyDavey StoneWhitey DuvallZohan DvirSkeeter Bronson, Sam Brenner, Dracula in Hotel Transylvania, and Q*bert in Pixels. He actually first appeared in "The Psychotic Legend of Uncle Donnie" as part of Adam Sandler's 1999 album.


Donny Berger was often known as cool, life of the party a good guy to hang around outgoing a comedian, but he lost it all because he never saved and just wasted all his money. He wasn't focused on grades and was instead focused on being popular, being with girls, going to parties and being cool, which ultimately led to his financial downfall. If he spent half that time focused on academics and saving his money he would've never lost it all.


Uncle Donnie

That's My Boy

In 1984, Berger and his teacher, Mary McGarricle have sex and have a son, Han Solo Berger, and McGarricle is imprisoned while their son is given to Donny's dad to take care of until Donny becomes an adult. In 2012, Donny is poor and a drunk, and owes money to the IRS and go to prison if he doesn't pay. Even though Donny does give his attorney, Nance, money to bet on in an upcoming race, Donny decides to make a deal with Morgan, tv producer, to get his son and him reunited with the mom, McGarricle, at her prison. So Donny goes to Cape Cod, where his son and Jamie Martin are getting married and convince him.

During their time together, Donny and Han Solo gradually little by little repair their relationship and eventually go and see McGarricle. At the prison, Donny says he's not going to do the deal, he and Morgan made, and McGarricule gets upset and Han Solo is really angry. Donny's leaving is interrupted when he finds out that Jamie is in fact cheating on Han Solo and in the most immoral way, incest with her brother, Chad Martin.

Later at the wedding, Donny gets Jamie to reveal the truth to Han Solo and then the truth is told to everyone and that she also fucked Steve, Han Solo's boss. Then both Jamie and Chad are knocked out and Han Solo and Donny leave heroically and finally fix their relationship. Then later Donny wins the money from the bet he placed with his lawyer and he and Han Solo hug each other. 


Uncle Donnie

  • "Lemme fucking try a little reverse action."
  • "Three dead bellyachers floating around the fucking water and me looking like the Lizzy Borden of Lake Winnisquam. Oh, God, here come the fucking boat fuzz, just my luck. What the fuck am I going to do to look a little less conspicuous?"
  • "Oh, this! I've got to tell you, some fucking psycho just cut my fucking hand off and made limb stew out of those three mutilated fuckers floating around the boat, here. He's swimming that way if you ever want to fucking catch the bastard."
  • "Alright, Sherlock Holmes. I killed them. But you'll never catch me 'cuz I'm the fastest fucking butterfly swimmer in the fucking world! Let's see if your boat's got fucking horsepower, fuckers! Geronimo!"

That's My Boy

  • "Chad. Adultry is Bad, but incest, THAT'S F***ED UP!!!"