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Phone's ringing Dude.
~ Donny
I've got 18 dollars.
~ Donny's last words

Theodore Donald "Donny" Kerabatsos was a tertiary protagonist in the 1998 film The Big Lebowski.

Donny was played by Steve Buscemi.

A friendly person Donny was friends with Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski and Walter Sobchak - who frequently told him to shut up and other sayings. Donny was a member of The Dude's bowling team. He was a fairly good bowler who often threw strikes. Donny wore bowling shirts that had other people's names on them.

After the return of the other Jeffrey Lebowski's missing wife, Bunny Donny and his friends went bowling at the local alley. The three were confronted by German nihilists. Walter was able to defeat the nihilists, however, Donny suffered a heart attack during the fight which turned out to be fatal.

Donny was cremated and the ashes put in a Folger's coffee can after Walter and The Dude refused to pay almost $200 for the funeral home's most modest receptacle. Walter and The Dude held a funeral for him at a beach according to his wishes. At the funeral services, Walter realized he didn't really know what to say and in addition to brining Vietnam in to the speech said that Donny loved surfing. He went to scatter the ashes but the wind blew most of them back on Walter and The Dude's faces. In his grief over the loss of Donny The Dude angrily accused Walter of making the eulogy into a travesty. Both Gary and The Stranger expressed their condoloences to The Dude over Donny's passing.


  • The Coen brothers decided to not have Donny say very much in the film to contrast Buscemi's role in Fargo where he frequently spoke. As a result, most of his attempts to speak were cut off by Sobchak telling him to shut up.