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You may say what you like. I love humans. Their efforts charm me. I find their lifestyle enchanting. That's why I would like to step down from my status. I believe the experience will be fulfilling.
~ Homing declaring his intention to the other World Nobles.
Doflamingo... Rosinante... You have a very foolish father. I'm sorry.
~ Homing's final words to his children.

Donquixote Homing is a posthumous character from the manga and anime series One Piece. He was a former Celestial Dragon who gave up his title due to his desire of wanting to live amongst the masses and the father of both Donquixote Doflamingo and Donquixote Rosinante.

He was voiced by Manabu Muraji in Japanese and Mike Pollock in English.


Despite his former status, Donquixote Homing was a kind and humble man who was willing to give up his incredible power and that of his family so that they could live amongst humans. While his intentions were noble, he quickly realized his foolish mistake when those who have been victimized by other World Nobles for centuries sought revenge, forcing his family on the run. His wife died of illness due to poor conditions, and he along with his children were forced to live in poverty before being lynched by an angry mob. This caused his oldest son, Doflamingo to develop a powerful hatred for his father and all of humanity. Doflamingo then decided to kill Homing and bring his head back to Mariejois to regain his status, despite Rosinante's protests. Just before his son pulled the trigger, Homing apologized for not being a better father for his children.


After Homing's death, Doflamingo took his deceased father's head back to Mariejois to regain his status as a World Noble. When this failed, he then formed the Donquixote Pirates in his quest for revenge against the world. Meanwhile, Rosinante joined the Marines and then later infiltrated Doflamingo's crew in hopes of bringing his mad brother down, but he was found out and Doflamingo murdered him as well. However, just before dying, he managed to save a boy named Trafalgar Law, who then avenged Rosinante and Homing by defeating Doflamingo with the help of the Straw Hat Pirates.


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