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A former scientist of the Royal Court who doubts the Queen's true interest in science. She's good at covering ground and knows how to shoot from a distance.
~ Dora's biography

Dora D. Adventura is a playable character in the SteamWorld series.


SteamWorld Heist

Dora D. Adventura was once a researcher for the Royal Space Force, sometimes going into 'jungles' until she quit.

She was later found by Captain Piper Faraday on an abandoned Vectron ship and joined her crew. She would often help the crew if needed and will add commentary on certain levels and upcoming bosses.

Dora was also seen during the end of the game, during the radio drama that was explaining what would happen to Piper's crew next.

Powers and Abilities

Combat: Dora can wield almost any weapon she can hold, if leveled up she will have the ability to Jump at large heights.



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