Doris the Dolphin

Doris is a bottlenose dolphin and the episodic protagonist in the episode "The Penguin Who Loved Me", which is an episode of "The Penguins of Madagascar". Voiced by Calista Flockhart, Doris is the love interest of Kowalski.

Physical Appearance

She has a mole near the left eye. She is based on a bottlenose dolphin as stated above.


Doris does not make an appearance in a true episode until "The Penguin Who Loved Me". In her first appearance, Doris is encountered when Kowalski and Parker are talking about a love interest. Doris is very pleased upon encountering Kowalski. She ends up encouraging Kowalski what to do, but is very jealous about this. Kowalski is a bit upset about Parker pretending to fall in love with her, not believing Parker is a monotreme (a type of mammal). Doris, however, is still in love with her. Kowalski tries to fall in love in her, but Skipper interjects him, thinking Doris is an assistant of Dr. Blowhole.

Doris convinces Kowalski to find and rescue Francis (actually Dr. Blowhole) who is held captive in SeaVille. Doris and the gang return to the Central Park Zoo to discuss a plan how to "find and rescue" from SeaVille. Arriving at SeaVille, the gang arrives in the stadium and finds Dr. Blowhole. As Parker reveals himself to be Dr. Blowhole's assistant, Doris and the penguins are stunned by him with his venomous spurs.

The next day, Doris is fed up with Kowalski for breaking up a friendship with every boyfriend. As the show starts, Doris and the penguins went over the ring of fire and escaped SeaVille. Doris later reappears during the battle of Parker and his lobster minions. After defeating Dr. Blowhole, Doris and Kowalski finally fell in love.


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