Doris the Duck is a typical yellow duck and a member of the trio, and she is a protagonist from 64 Zoo Lane. She is friends with Toby and Kevin. She can sometimes be rather bossy, though.


Physical Appearance

Somehow, she looks like a domestic duck. It is assumed if Doris is a duckling or a juvenile.


Though friends with Kevin and Toby, her attitude in character can either be bossy or irresponsible. Sometimes, Doris can annoy other animals such as making duck quacks.


  • Doris is either based on a Peking duck or a South African shelduck. However, she is a duckling based on the basis of the species.
  • Doris is usually friends with Kevin. However, in real-life, a crocodile is an enemy of a duck.
  • Her signature sound is "quack".
  • Doris is one of the members of the trio to appear in some episodes without either Toby or Kevin.
  • Doris is the only member of the trio that is not a reptile.
  • Her first appearance was actually in Episode 2, despite being seen in the opening song. She is seen playing with Toby together and Doris escaped from Victor.
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