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Dororo is the deuteragonist of Dororo. She travel with a cursed Ronin, Hyakkimaru in his quest to regain his body parts by killing Demon.


Dororo is a small-boned child with brown eyes, black spiky hair which is tied into a short ponytail.

Although Dororo is liken to a male, Dororo is a female.

She wears a tattered, sleeveless green robe that bares the center of her chest. It is secured by a thin white cloth tied on his waist along with a small rag bag. She also wears a brown ribbon as a necklace and bandages on her wrists and ankles.


Despite looking young and innocent, Dororo is a cheeky, mischievous thief who plays nasty tricks on others to achieve his ways. She seems to be arrogant and reckless, occasionally claiming credit that was meant for others. On top of that, he also has a determined attitude, making her fond of troubles.

Like children her age, Dororo is curious and daring as she shows no fear of Hyakkimaru's abnormal presence and approached her without hesitation. Often times she shows her care to the people around him; generously, she fetches Hyakkimaru's misplaced prostheses with acquiescent and provides aid on simple tasks he is unable to do herself. Although she sometimes display a harsh and rude behavior to Hyakkimaru, she is quite clingy to him.

The 2019 Anime portrayal of Dororo seems more laid back, caring and thoughtful compared to the other versions.

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