Dorothy McCrank, also known by her friends as Dot is a protagonist in the SteamWorld series.


SteamWorld Dig: A Fist Full of Dirt

Dorothy was first seen when Rusty fell down into the mine, she told him about what happen to his Uncle Joe and the two left the mine.

She would often trade Rusty's minerals for cash and will sometimes give him advice. After Rusty went missing, she vowed to look for him.

SteamWorld Dig 2

Dorothy went to look for Rusty but first found a Doomsday Cultist be destroyed by a strange machine, she destroyed the machine and found out the it was controlled by a Vectron Sprite known as Fen who would later help her in her mission. Dorothy found her way to town for some upgrades and went to their mine a bit later. She found a Shiner oasis and a mutated jungle. Dorothy went back in town and found a way to the Doomsday Cultist's temple. She consulted a Shiner named Rosie of what to do and later destroyed three hidden Vectron generators, but later found out that the Oasis was sealed off and looked for an ulternet way to reach Rosie. When she reached Rosie, Dorothy found out that she was using Rusty for a battery to her mech suit and used Dorothy herself. the two fought and after Roasies defeat, Dorothy brought Rusty to a teleporter and lost connection to Fen, only to head on to the professors rocket and plan to rebuild society as well as look for Fen.

Skills and Abilities

Mining and Combat: Dorothy was shown to be a skilled minor with a pick axe. She also gained some upgrades to help with mining, being: her right arm become a string shot, her left arm can transform into either a pressure maker and a gun that shoots out orbs of acid. She was also given a jetpack.


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