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Dot is one of the three main protagonists from the Dreamworks Netflix series Harvey Street Kids. She is based on her original predecessor character Little Dot.


Dot is a lot more serious than her friends Audrey and Lotta, as she is very cautious about many things. She is the brain of the Harvey Girls group and refers to herself as the "CEO of Harvey Street Enterprises."

She loves precision, hence why she puts perfectly circular dots on everything she wears. She attempts to prepare for anything that comes up in order to handle every situation perfectly.

On Dot's Spare Time: she is a Craftship Maker, Tec-Sciencist, machican wood vehicle builder,  Cycle bike Vehicle machanic, Construction Treehouse builder, Inventionist, fixet Repairer, Practical Realistic Manual Reader and Builder Constructionist. (Dotopedia is another story) Dot. duties is to read theisis rules and limits, but does not stop her from fantasy fasination, applying; testing the threory limits to see how far the world of realization it can go and behond. Master Piece: She might have the Cord Wired Internet and pehaps she into music.

Little Dot is a Brain.   

She is also very DIY; designing her own clothes, building her own remote control helicopter, to making her own brand of gummyworms. Dot can go overboard in chasing down her ambitious dreams, but she is still a great friend to Audrey and Lotta.

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