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Dot Hugson is Dorothy and Zeb's daughter, Neddie's older sister and the main protagonist in the Oz Kids franchise. She is a fun-loving young 8-year-old girl from rural Kansas and the leader of the Oz Kids gang, and she has very good heart.

She is fearless and creative when in a dangerous situation, she is able to analyze the options and act accordingly. She consistently triumphs with style and imagination. Dot's parents are Dorothy Gale and Zebediah Hugson. Dorothy Gale first came to Oz as a young girl. Her adventures were recounted in The Wizard of Oz. As an adult, Dorothy married Kansas farmhand Zebediah and eventually settled in Oz where they had two children, Dot and Neddie. Dot has spent her entire childhood in Oz.

Although she is happy, sweet and well-adjusted, she yearns to learn more about the outside world. Dot instigates many of the trips outside of Oz. After each adventure with her friends, however, she is extremely happy to return to Oz, to her home. She is very protective of her younger brother, Neddie.

Dot is really a goofball when she has a sense of humor herself, spurting several puns during the series' episode such as "Bumble cave!" and "I was thinking... a little dust!". She gains a Magic Belt that gives her magical powers.

Like her mother Dorothy, Dot is quick-thinking but always sensible and can often come up with solutions to problems when no one else can.


Dot uses her magic belt.

Dot is a happy-go-lucky girl who is fair skin with freckles. She has brown hair tied back into two pigtails with blue bows. She wears a white blouse with short, puffy sleeves, a sleeveless blue dress, white bloomers, white socks, and black Mary Jane shoes.


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