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Dottie is a forklift based on the ones from the Disney/Pixar franchise Cars. She is Dusty Crophopper's mechanic and appears in the animated film Planes. She and Chug are friends.



When Dusty Crophopper is watching the Wings Around the World race, Dottie explains to him that he is for fumigation instead of racing. Chug says that Crophopper will be attending the race. Crophopper quit his job as a fumigation airplane, so he decided to become a racing airplane. Once Dusty and all of the other racing planes all around the world took off to Iceland, Chug and Dottie are watching the planes go on the race. Once Crophopper and the other racing planes reached Mexico, Dottie and Chug look at his damaged engine. Dottie said that Crophopper is now a racing plane, since he explained to her that he was for fumigation. Later on, Crophopper defeated Ripslinger and reached the finish line in New York. Dottie, along with Chug and the other international planes, were very proud of Dusty winning the race.

Planes: Fire and Rescue

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Voice Actors

  • Teri Hatcher (U.S.)
  • Gabriela Vega (Latin America)