I know. It's called Alistair.
~ Doug to Boog, when he refers to Alistair appearing behind his back

Doug is the main antagonist of Open Season 3. He is Alistair's former leader and boss and current best friend and Boog's former arch-nemesis.

He was voiced by Matthew J Munn. In the Japanese dub from the movie, he was voiced by Kenji Nomura.



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In Open Season 3

Doug's main goal is to run away from the circus and into the wild, reminiscing on how he used to rule a wild life park as its only grizzly bear. When Boog ran into him, it provided him the perfect advantage. He and Boog switched places, and Doug told him that he would be back for him before sunset. Boog was soon told by Doug's best friend and henchman Alistair that Doug was just lying to escape.

Doug roaring at Boog's best friends, shocking Gisela and Giselita

Meanwhile, Doug made himself king of the forest and turned Boog's best friends into servants. However, Elliot, Giselle, and their children soon find out that he is an imposter. Doug is soon forced to tell them that Boog is at the circus, which is set to go to Russia. As the animals run to save Boog, Doug once again feels lonesome, and realizes his friendship with Alistair.

That night, Doug ultimately decides to redeem himself, reunites with Alistair (giving him a bear hug, accidentally suffocating him), and sincerely apologizes to Boog for tricking him. He explains that he now knows that he doesn't know what he has until he loses it. Doug's return also allows Ursa to leave as she previously felt that she couldn't because "a Russian circus with no bear is no circus at all." Suddenly, Doug and Alistair are called on for their next performance and they bid Boog and the others farewell before departing.

As the Maslova Family Circus is traveling back to Russia, Doug peeks out his cart window and happily asks Alistair if he is glad they are going back to Russia, to which he jubilantly agrees and says that he hopes he gets to see his girlfriend Carmen. Then Doug and Alistair proceed to sing along to "On the Road Again" as the cats join in.


Unlike Boog, Doug is sneaky, conniving, selfish, and short-tempered at Alistair.


In brief, Doug is Boog's doppelganger, the only difference being his fur and voice.


  • Doug's voice sounds somewhat similar to Chris Rock.
  • Before Open Season 3 was released, Doug was once rumored to be voiced by Mike Epps, but this wasn't true.
  • Originally, Doug's name was mistaken to be "Alistair", but it turned out that Alistair is really Doug's best friend.



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