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Doug Heffernan and his tv buddies, Deacon Palmer, Spencer Olchin and Doug's Cousin Danny Heffernan from the King of Queens.  Ex-Member Richie Iannucci was Doug's ex-roommate when he worked as a bouncer in a night club.  He was the womanizer and fireman of the group.  He was written out of the third season, even though he only appeared one episode.  Danny took over the core four of The King of Queens. He fit right in with those guys, even though he was Doug's cousin. Lou Ferigno, Doug Pruzan who is Carrie's boss and Holly Shumpert  was also honorary member of Doug TV's buddies.  These guys usually hang out Coopers, or the living or the garage Doug's house.  These guy play poker, watch the game or sports or complain about their wives or their mother's like Spence.  These guys always have crazy adventures, some of it is good or bad.  Either way, these guys always had fun. 

Members of Doug TV Buddies

  • Doug Heffernan - IPS Delivery Guy (Leader of Doug TV Buddies)
  • Deacon Palmer - IPS Delivery Guy (Second in Command of Doug TV Buddies)
  • Spence Olchin - Subway Token Worker (Member of Doug TV Buddies)
  • Danny Heffernan - Ex-Owner of his Pizza Parlor and Currently as a IPS Delivery Guy (Member of Doug TV Buddies)
  • Lou Ferrigno - Successful actor and star of The Incredible Hulk (Honorary Member of Doug TV Buddies)
  • Holly Shumpert - Ex-Dog Walker and baby-sitter to Arthur Spooner. Divorced by her rich husband and currently dating and engaged to Rabbi (Honorary Member of Doug TV Buddies)
  • Doug Pruzan - Successful lawyer and Carrie!s boss (Honorary member of Doug TV Buddies)



  • Richard "Richie" Iannucci - Fireman (Ex-Member of Doug TV Buddies). He was written out around the end of season 2. Made a cameo in one episode in Season 3.