Douglas Davenport is a major character of Lab Rats. He is the younger brother of Donald Davenport, the creator and biological father of Adam, Bree, Chase, and Daniel Davenport, the creator of the Android Marcus, the uncle of Leo Dooley and the brother-in-law of Tasha Davenport. After Sink or Swim, he developed a change of heart as he saved Adam, Bree, and Chase from Victor Krane and afterwards helped Bree get bionic again. Since then, Douglas has joined the rest of the Davenport family and Donald has come on good terms with him.

Douglas was originally mislead as the main antagonist of the show. However, it was actually a misinformation campaign to hide the true main antagonist, which lead to his reform.


His comments imply he was a nasty man from childhood, bullying his brother and stealing his father's money. However, it was later revealed that being mocked and looked down at by Donald his whole life, and living under his shadow had turn Douglas into becoming bent on vengeance and hatred. At some point over seventeen years ago, he and Donald started Davenport Industries, together they worked on bionic technology, to allow robots to do things humans couldn't do. However knowing robots would burn out quickly, he went behind Donald back and genetically grew three humans, then implemented the Bionic technology into the children. These children where Adam, Bree and Chase. The Bionic technology was never meant for humans, thus why they Glitch. Douglas planned to use them as Bionic super soldiers and sell them off to the highest bidder, be they warlords or dictators.

Discovering his brothers evil plan, Donald took the children away from him. Douglas faked his death to escape from the authorities (and there mother, who they both agreed never stopped calling). Donald took Adam, Bree and Chase in and unable to remove there Bionics, raised them as his own, knowing if he raised them right, he make sure they would use there bionic powers for good rather than evil as his brother had intended.

Season 2

After Marcus fails to keep Leo away, Douglas decided enough and saw he would have to take matters into his own hands.

He and Marcus later kidnap Donald and hold him hostage to lure the Lab Rats to Douglas' lair, where he reveals to Adam, Bree and Chase he is their real father before trapping them in a cage that prohibits them from accessing their bionic abilities. However, Leo (in Donald's Exoskeleton.) comes to save them. Marcus attempts to kill Leo but Adam unlocks a new ability to protect his younger brother and, in the chaos, Douglas escapes.

Douglas returns in "Avalanche!", where he rescues Chase from an avalanche and it's revealed he has been tracking his children through their GPS tracking on their chips. Douglas apparently sways Chase to his side and promises to give his son all three abilities. Chase takes Douglas to his father's lab to make a new chip when Donald, Adam and Bree discover Douglas is there and reveals Chase joined him. At that moment, Leo comes in the room when Chase double-crossed Douglas because he would never betray his family. Douglas attempts to kill them but Chase is faster and traps Douglas in an ice cube and Donald has Douglas transferred into one of his safe houses and the Arctic.

However, Douglas manages to escape with the help of his associate Victor Krane. He hacks into his brother's banking account and takes his money and his profits. Chase Bree and Adam leave the family for Leo, Donald, and Tasha's safety. Douglas becomes aware of it and blows up his brother's lab, but Leo and Donald escape through the elevator.

Season 3

Douglas disguises himself as Donald and pretends to rescue the kids from getting arrested off the barge until Douglas reveals himself and catches the three kids by surprise by deactivating his cybernask and traps them in hoops that deactivate their abilities. Once again, Douglas captured Adam, Bree and Chase and reinstalled the Triton App on them and activates it after they escape. He gets the kids to attack their parents and their brother, however, Leo talks Chase out of it. After Chase defeats Adam and Bree, Douglas promises to fix the Triton App, and Krane tells him after he does that to destroy Adam, Bree, and Chase, though this does not sit well for him and lets Douglas rethink his position.

Over the next weeks, Douglas realized that Krane has lost his mind. He attempts to reconcile with his family by sending Adam, Bree, Chase, Donald, and Leo friend requests, however everyone but Adam declines it. Once again, Douglas hacks into his brother's lab again to warn the team that Krane has become unstable and sees all the three kids as a threat. However, Donald refuses to listen and cuts his brother's video chat off before Douglas can think of a reason why they should trust him after he has previously threatened their family. Knowing Leo will believe him, Douglas goes to his school and pleads with the boy to believe him about Krane because Leo was smart enough to know about Douglas and Marcus before anyone else. The man reveals that he and Krane are no longer on the same page because his former partner is looking to destroy Adam, Bree, and Chase. To prove that Krane is a threat, Douglas shows Leo footage of the villain implanting himself with more bionics and using his new powers. Leo agrees that Krane is no laughing matter and asks Douglas what he should do, and the man encourages his nephew to tell Donald because his brother will believe Leo. Krane knows what Douglas was up to by warning Leo and cuts off his partnership with Douglas before knocking him out. However, Douglas survives and saves his children from Krane as he is about to kill them. He tries to kill the villain, but Donald, Tasha and Leo appear and Donald scares his brother off with his own blaster, threatening to end Douglas if he comes near their family again. (Taken)

Later, Bree destroys her chip and Donald is unable to fix it because the only person who can is Douglas. Leo suggests going to Douglas, and Chase agrees with his brother, but Donald refuses and forbids anyone from contacting Douglas. However, Leo disobeys his step-father and finds Douglas disguised as a female vender in the park and tells Douglas that Bree destroyed her chip and that they need his help to fix it. However, Douglas' rivalry with his brother and his ego nearly prevents him from doing so until Leo tells Douglas that he has to do it for Bree and because she is his daughter, Douglas decides to help them. He apparently fixes Bree's chip but she goes out of control. Both Douglas and Donald work together to free her from glitching and succeed in fixing Bree's chip. Douglas is happy to reconcile with Donald but his brother still kicks him out. However, Donald is convinced by his children to give Douglas a second chance, if he apologizes. Douglas does and is invited to live in their house for a while. (Three Minus Bree, Which Father Knows Best)

A few weeks later, the kids' bionics are exposed, which Douglas, Donald and Tasha learned on their own. Leo tries offering a way they can spin it but Douglas reveals it is too late and shows the family that the viral video was confirmed legitimate (and recorded by S-1) and that everyone all over the world is freaking out. The family is forced to go into hiding, and Douglas apologizes for causing the problem to Donald by putting bionics in humans, but his brother responds he is holding a press conference to blame everything on Douglas, much to the younger Davenport's frustration. Douglas later goes to the lab to help Leo and Chase pack up the basement, where Chase reveals he did do a full scan of the mission area. However, at that moment, FBI agents capture the Davenports as Douglas escapes with Leo in one of the lab's trap doors and they seek refuge at Mission Creek High School. Principal Perry helps them by running the picture of the girl through the school's database while flirting with Douglas. Leo begins suspecting that the mission was a setup when there was no seismic activity or no trace of the girl. They go to the mission sight and investigate, where Leo and Douglas conclude that Krane set this whole thing up. The group is confronted by Krane and S-1, who knocks Douglas and Perry to the ground while S-1 apparently kills Leo, but only manages to crush his arm with a ceiling beam.

Douglas and Perry recovered and attempts to get the beam off Leo, who had his arm damaged but Douglas is unable to lift it off of Leo because of Douglas' broken ribs. He goes to the firemen who come and help Leo up and take them to the hospital. However, Douglas learns from the doctor that Leo will never be able to use his arm again and refusing to let his nephew live without use of his arm the rest of his life, takes Leo from the hospital when he is unattended and to Krane's warehouse and uses bionic components to save Leo's arm, while installing defenses and Energy Laser Blasts. Leo wakes up to see his arm is healed and wonders why before Douglas has Leo test it out. He unexpectedly generates a laser blast and asks Douglas what he did. Douglas tells Leo he is now bionic in the arm, much to the boy's shock. Douglas further explains that he bionically enhanced Leo's arm after learning from the doctors that Leo would never be able to use his regular arm again and added that Leo has laser sphere generation and has super strength. After he fully recovers, Douglas and Leo went to leave but were confronted by Krane, who was surprised to see Leo was now bionic. Before Krane and Taylor could finish the two off, Adam, Bree, Chase and Donald found them and the three teenagers fought the two bionic soldiers off. In the aftermath of Krane and Taylor's defeat, both Donald and Tasha find out that Douglas gave their son bionic.

Subsequently, Douglas tells Leo to keep his bionic arm a secret. After seeing him struggle with it, he promises to teach Leo how to use his bionic arm properly.

He later gives Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo new abilities: Adam gets pressurized lung capacity, Bree gets invisibility, Chase gets the ability to create a laser bo-rifle, Bree here invisibility and Leo gets Energy Transference. During "Rise of the Bionic Soldiers," Douglas helps his brother fight Krane, but is ultimately blasted out of the fight. He tells Adam, Bree and Chase to combine their abilities but warns them it might be dangerous. After the siblings take out Krane, Leo calls to his familythat Donald was badly hurt and they take Donald to the hospital, where Douglas voices his guilt at not being able to protect his brother during the battle.


Douglas was formerly, though still as carefree, joyful and possesed the same sense of humor as now, very cold and merciles. Though his intentions were just to seek veangence on his big brother Donald for being responsible for his brooding and destructive nature, Douglas's actions revolves around blowing up houses, creating bionics to assist him and killing anyone who gets in his way.

Douglas's tragic background was revealed in Avalanche, when he spoke to Chase about his soft side, and even attempted to help him, as he has the same sibling issues with Adam, that Douglas has with Donald. Albeit an unwilling one; Chase tricked Douglas into their lab, only to lecture him that he would never betray his family, even if they do not apreciate him as much as he wants.

After Sink or Swim, Douglas already started to posses a sense of mercy. As it turns out, Douglas would never go as far as killing the Lab Rats, and therefore saved them from him. He slowly become more tolerant, noble, caring and heroic. He's not even as envious of Donald as he used to be. After the events of Taken, Douglas finally becomes pure. After saving the Lab Rats, and helping Bree get her bionic abilities back, Douglas finally joins the family again, and helps them fight crime. He also became friends with Leo, fixing his arm and fixing it with bionics. Douglas no longer has his evil tendencies and helps anyone else, showing Douglas is a changed man. However at times, he does have some of his destructive tendencies remainingon at least two occasions. In "You Posted What?!?" Douglas suggested to Leo that he could blow up the Lab again so they could escape from government agents until Leo came up with a better solution.

This is also notable in "Mission Mania", where Douglas made inventions that caused the students harm, such as a bazooka loaded with pencils that could potentially harm someone or a lie detector chair that would spin violently if the subject was lying. Despite this, Douglas remained an anti-hero the rest of the series. He was reluctant to connect with Daniel due to past incidents with his own kids but the two formed a strong father & son relationship. He also cares about the well-being of the students that lived at the bionic Academy as he demanded that Giselle reveal where she was holding the kids hostage and threatened to kill her. When he learned Marcus was alive again, Douglas begged him to stop torturing Daniel and tried offering them to be a family again. However, Marcus refused and when he tried to kill Leo again, Douglas saw his android son was beyond reason and ended him by melting him.

In the series finale of Lab Rats: Elite Force, he was left critically injured, and due to the series being cancelled, it is unknown if he survived his injuries.


Despite not having any psychical powers, Douglas is an expert in close combat fighting and strategies. He's also strong enough to keep up against powerful bionics, as long as they're powers are not involved. Douglas will often make a plan to defeat his opponoment while fighting him. He is also seen to be somewhat more skilled than Donald, who is also an excellent fighter. However, due to being extremly intelligent, Douglas also creates hi-tech weapons to be fair when fighting against psychically powerful characters, like when he damaged Victor Krane with one shot.


  • Unlike his son Marcus (who is very close of being pure evil), Douglas was more sympathetic and understandable at the time he was a villain, since living under Donald's shadow was pretty much the reason why he did what he did. Marcus, on the other hand, only did things out of fear of Douglas, but didn't even regret doing anything for him, despite how horrible the orders were. Also, unlike Marcus, Douglas was willing to redeem himself for his own good.
  • Douglas is arguably smarter than Donald, as he's the real creator of Adam, Bree, Chase, and any other bionic human, and the one who's unintenionally responsible for the bionic soldiers. Douglas also managed to trick Donald in the past, in order to create an army, until he truly redeemed himself.
  • Douglas wanted Victor Krane to interact with him to keep his plans from getting boring, possibly meaning that he misses Marcus. Seen in episode Sink or Swim, Douglas pats Krane on the back and Krane looks at him very seriously. And Douglas said in Sink or Swim, "Time to have some fun! Chest bump!" Douglas chest bumps Krane, but Krane doesn't chest bump back, causing Douglas to land flat on his back on to the floor. Victor Krane does not like it when Douglas is acting goofy during their plans. According to Douglas, he and Krane were friendly with one another at one point—he stated they went as Brad and Angelina on Halloween.
  • Douglas is also a fan of smooth jazz.
  • As a villain, Douglas never saw himself as a bad person. In fact, he saw Donald as the bad guy for emotionally screwing up his life in the past. He even stated that he's "not that bad of a guy". However, he bordered on extrimism, and became obsessed with revenge, until he realized that family is more important.
    • Ironically despite being much more of antagonist than his brother, Douglas is much more heroic, and his actions could be seen as more sympathetic since while Donald tends to arrogantly believe they are for the best, Douglas simply wants to avenge himself from Donald's bullying tactics.



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