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Dr. Ann Possible is Kim Possible's mother, neurosurgeon and scientist. She lives and works in Middleton. She is a devoted wife, mother and doctor, with a cheerful demeanor and an understanding attitude.

She is voiced by Jean Smart, who was also in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.


Ann Possible has lighter red hair than Kim Possible and has blue eyes. She has pink undertones and has a slender build.


Ann is a nice but firm person, with a cheerful attitude. She is also very understanding, but also has a hair-trigger temper, which Prince Wally almost found out first-hand. In her eagerness to be accepted by her daughter's peers during a Sophomore ski trip weekend, she forgot her boundaries and unintentionally embarrassed Kim.

Ann is able to do the puppy-dog pout, just like her daughter, often to get Kim to cave in to her mother's wishes.


Ann graduated from the University Of Upperton.


Ann worked as a skilled neurosurgeon at the Middleton Medical Center. She is an excellent parent who exhibited remarkable adaptability to uncertain situations during her brief forays into heroics alongside her family.



Ann often tended to serve as the voice of reason in her family. She scolded Jim and Tim when they experimented in the house, offered Kim motherly advice on various social challenges, and constantly reminded her husband James to be home in time for dinner.

She was apparently well liked outside of her immediate family as well. Her brother-in-law Slim asked after fondly when she was unable to visit his ranch with the rest of her family.


  • Her first name wasn't revealed until the first part of the episode "Graduation". Before then, Kim Possible fan writers had long assumed that it was her given name.
  • She makes as an excellent replacement for Ron, according to the episode Mother's Day.
  • In the Lilo & Stitch: The Series crossover episode "Rufus", Kim says her father knows the governor of Hawaii. In Season 1 of the new Hawaii Five-0, Ann's voice actor played the governor of Hawaii.


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