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Dr. Bananas is a very intelligent recurring character and a anti-hero that invents many things to help make life more convenient. However, his inventions end up shortening lives instead. He has had a Facebook account since the day of his debut, and was even active during the time that he was decapitated. He usually appears with new inventions to help with a certain problem that Orange or any other member of the gang may have.


Write the first section of your page here.Dr. Bananas first appeared in Dr. Bananas. He was seen trying to sell some of his inventions to Orange, Pear and Midget Apple. His inventions usually have peculiar options on their dials. An example being the Fruitlicator Duplicator, which had the options "decimate" and "duplicate" on the same dial. Because of this, Dr. Bananas was knifed because he had an option on the dial of the Pester Bester that summoned knife. After about a year of being decapitated, Dr. Bananas returned in Honey I Shrunk the Fruits.  Since then, Dr. Bananas has made appearances with inventions that are intended to help Orange or anyone else with a certain dilemma.


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