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The series main character, a 10-year-old boy named Kyle whose secret identity is Dr. Dimensionpants.

His real name is Kyle Lipton, he was a normal kid, until a portal opened and dropped a pair of "The Dimensionpants". When he wears them, he becomes a superhero called Dr. Dimensionpants. Now Kyle has all the superhero powers he ever wanted, along with responsibility. With the help of a talking, food-addicted unicorn named Philip, Dr. Dimensionpants learns his powers to save the universe, while dealing with everyday issues such as trying to become popular, keeping his room clean, and homework.


In his normal attire, Kyle has orange hair and freckles, wears blue shirt, brown pants, and black shoes. In his superhero form, he has a black spiky hair under his hood which is attached to his light blue shirt with yellow stripes and his sleeves are darker blue. He has a blue belt, green eyes, freckles and a moustache. He has blue pants with yellow stripes between the stripes are his knees which are darker blue and he wears black shoes.

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