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] Dr. Dithering is a minor character in An American Tail: The Treasure Of Manhattan Island, voiced by the late Rene Auberjonois. He is a British archaeologist who works at the New York Museum of Natural History. Tony Toponi briefly worked for him, and when he and Fievel unearth an ancient Lenape Native American map, they bring it to the doctor to translate. He correctly identifies it, and after some study, realizes it's a "treasure" map; said treasure being the hidden underground Lenape village.

Dr. Dithering accompanies an expedition to the Lenape village, bringing along his shady assistant Scuttlebutt, who actually works for the Cheese Factory owners. He's appalled by Scuttlebutt's behavior when he steals from the tribe, but fascinated by the village itself. Later on, after the Cheese Factory owners incite a riot and spread fear over a Native American "invasion", Dithering is kidnapped by an angry mob who almost feed him into a meat grinder. The crowd is thankfully stopped by Papa Mousekewitz and Tiger. At the end of the film, it is Dithering who spots Cholena, Chief Wulisso and Tankho waving at them from their secret entrance to the underground.


  • His species is unknown, but he doesn't appear to be a mouse. It is possible he is a rat or a mole.
  • The sequence where Dithering was about to face his death and then is rescued is much similar to the part where John Smith was rescued before facing his fate in Pocahontas.
  • The reason for his absence in the next film may have something to do with the political issues from the third installment, as none of the characters that debuted in the third film are allowed to return afterwards. However, a headline on Daily Nibbler's wall reads "Mice Find Treasure" could be linked to the time when he, along with Fievel, Tony, Tiger, and Scuttlebutt, went to the underground cave in the subway.


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