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Dr. Funtlichter is a recurring hero from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. He is a medical doctor who works at Paradise Hospital. Like any good doctor, he saves the lives of people in Paradise and nurses them to health.

He is voiced by Tom Kenny.

Heroic Acts

  • In "Welcome to Paradise", Dr. Funtlichter nursed Dusty back to health after he was shot by Terry Two-Toes and his army.
  • In "Ass on the Line", Dr. Funtlichter nursed Kevin back to health after he was mauled to a demented pulp by Bullet and a crossbred pitwolf.
  • In "Meet the Jabowskis", Dr. Funtlichter helped Gina learn about her past by giving her a picture of herself when she was a kid that had the name of her hometown on the back.
  • In "Christmas in Paradise", Dr. Funtlichter took care of Fitz, while he was in a coma. When Kevin unplugged Fitz's life support, Dr. Funtlichter and his nurse freaked out trying to resuscitate him.
  • In "Paradise Found", Dr. Funtlichter helped install a precog room in the Paradise Police Department.
  • In "Big Ball Energy", Dr. Funtlichter gave Randall surgery to stuff his scrotum full of testicles to help him please his wife.
  • In "OperationL D.D.", it was mentioned that he helped Dusty lower his cholesterol to 4 digits.
  • In "Fallout", Dr. Funtlichter attempted to remove Randall's mutant anal polyp but Randall ran away before he could get started.
  • In "Trigger Warnings", it was mentioned that he encouraged Dusty to lose some weight.
  • In "Showown at the O-bese Corral", he helped Gina with her throbbing vagina by instructing her not to masturbate for a few days. When Gina disobeyed these orders and her vagina fell off, Dr. Funtlichter gave her an artificial robot vagina to replace it.
  • In "How the Cookie Crumbles", Dr. Funtlichter sewed Karen's face back on after Randall tore it off.
  • In "Fetal Attraction", he gave Karen a sonogram of her upcoming baby fetus.
  • In "What Happens in Twatemala", Dr. Funtlichter gave Gina the surgery to remove the bullet in her brain, so that she could date Kevin again. He warned her beforehand, however, that she only had a 2% chance of survival and she still agreed to getting the surgery.
  • In "PARAD-ISIS", Dr. Funtlichter completed the surgery and was proud to announce that the surgery was a success.


  • Dr. Funtlichter used to have an obese husband who left him.
  • Despite his pale complexion, Dr. Funtlichter is actually black. He is a Nigerian-American, who had his skin bleached so that he could get accepted into the all-white Trump University.
  • Dr. Funtlichter is a fan of Insane Clown Posse.