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Anything is possible for a Possible!
~ James to Kim

Dr. James Timothy Possible is Kim Possible's rocket scientist father and Ann Possible's husband.

He was voiced by Gary Cole.


James is a friendly, easygoing, and occasionally absentminded man. He is always very encouraging of his children's hobbies and desire to learn, because as he is often known to say, "Anything is possible for a Possible."

Like any father, he is protective of his daughter and doesn't like when she spends time with boys. Unfortunately, this also extends to James treating his "Kimmie-cub" like she's still a little girl and all but refusing to accept she's growing up (such as taking her to his Rocket Boosters child program that she attended when she was about eight). He eventually comes to accept that Kim isn't a child anymore but he still calls her "kimmie-cub" and is there for her.

James believes strongly in family bonds and expects the same of his childen, such as honoring family commitments.


James graduated from the Middleton Institute of Science and Technologies. In college, he knew a young Drew Lipsky, who would eventually become the supervillain, Dr. Drakken. It was the scornful laughter of James and his friends, Bob Chen and Phil Ramesh that supposedly drove Drew over the edge after he had embarrassed himself through his invention of 'robot dates' who would later become the Bebe robots.

He has a wife, Ann, a daughter, Kim, whom he calls his "Kimmie-cub", and his twin sons, Jim and Tim, named after him. His mother, Nana Possible, lives in Florida. His older brother, Slim Possible, lives on a ranch in Montana, along with his niece Joss. It is unclear whether Larry and his mother Aunt June are related to James or his wife.



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