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Dr. King Schultz is the deuteragonist in Django Unchained. He is a dentist who moonlights as a bounty hunter.


Schultz despised the idea of slavery and showed contempt towards anyone who supported slavery. He would often use his ideals as a means to justify killing slave owners even when they aren't wanted by the law. Upon meeting Django his plan was originally to have Django help him kill three bandits for the bounty on their heads. But after seeing Django's skills Schultz chose to help him find Broomhilda Von Shaft (Django's wife). Schultz is also shown to be quite intelligent and can talk his way out of almost any situation. This is shown when Schultz killed a sheriff only to reveal that the sheriff was actually a criminal who fooled the town.


  • This is Christoph Waltz second Oscar winning role.
    • Also, Waltz worked with Quentin Tarantino before in Ingurious Bastards, which lead to his first Oscar Winning Role.

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