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The Doctor is In!
~ Dr. Krankcase's official catchphrase.

Dr. Krankcase is a former Doom Raider in Skylanders: Imaginators.

He is voiced by John Kassir who also voiced Ghost Roaster, Short Cut, and Pit Boss.


After being captured by the Trap Masters, Eon gave Krankcase a choice – either go back to a newly reformed Cloudcracker Prison or become a Skylander Sensei, teaching a new generation of Imaginators his formidable battle skills as well as how to stay clear of a life of crime. The doctor accepted this deal but first had to prove themselves by helping to re-arrange all the books in the Academy’s library, a task which took almost two years, testing every ounce of will he had. And his knowledge of the alphabet. Now he uses that newfound knowledge to train Imaginators on the A, B, Cs of shooting, as the master of the Quickshot Class.


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